Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Leopard Suit

I finished my suit! I actually finished it about two weeks ago but I was waiting for the right occasion to debut it. I didn't have one so I was premiered at trivia night.
I think the pants are fabulous.

The side view isn't the most flattering but I think that may be one of my best zippers.
I think the pants could be a smidge less tight in the hips but I'm really happy with them.
I think the jacket looks nice too. This was my first lined jacket and my first pants that weren't pajamas. I feel like I can sew anything now. I think it's amazing how underlining can make a sheer fabric suitable.
I used McCall's 6172 for the jacket and Butterick 5614 for the pants.

Those are the insides. The lining is a Marc Jacobs polyester and the underlining is an Italian cotton that I have more of. They both have a little pink hemband. It wasn't supposed to be there on the jacket but I cut the sleeve lining too short I think it ties everything together though.


Closet Fashionista said...

Oh wow, it came out so great!! Good job! :D

Ali Hval said...

Girl, you are AWESOME! Your sewing skills never fail to impress. This is so professional looking and you finished it up so well. That zipper really does look perfect. You should be so proud!