Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Every Monday I do bad movie night with some friends. Usually its very casual sometimes I even wear my jammies but Saturday I got new shoes and I had to dress up. I made everyone else dress up too.
Blouse-Loft, Skirt- Thrift, Shoes- Irregular Choice from Ma petite shoe
I really like this skirt its flirty and a nice color. The tag says it's Giorgio Armani and I scored it for $4!
I love these shoes. The glitter, the heel and bow are so perfect. My friend said they look like they came from a fairy tale.


Ali Hval said...

Your friend is right to say those shoes look like they came from a fairytale, because they totally do. I love the sparkles and the bow!

Bad movie night sounds fun. :)

Joyce said...

Your heels are so fun! Love the glitter:)