Wednesday, May 15, 2013


When I saw The Great Gatsby I was so excited. I dress up and I even faux-bobbed my hair. The costumes in the movie were wonderful, especially Daisy's that first frock and the chandelier Prada dress were divine. The movie got me thinking about jeweled headbands.
This headband from Anthropologie is so dainty. I love the flowers and it even comes in blue.
This one from ASOS has a definite 20s flair. I would wear so that the flower is on one side not in the middle.
The Modcloth headband has rhinestones shaped like a feather. I love how graphic the black and white is.


Ali Hval said...

I loved the clothing in Gatsby, and yes, I agree that finding the perfect bejeweled headband would fulfill my Gatsby obsession at the moment. That first one is too pretty.

Imogen said...

I really want to see it for the fashion. All of these headbands are incredible.

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

I have like 50 headbands in my closet. Years ago I chopped my hair really short and I lived in headbands. I still do!



Southern (California) Belle