Friday, August 31, 2012


I love to bake. I don't come up with my own recipes but I have found the greatest chocolate cupcake recipe. The ones I made this time were Chocolate Peanut butter cupcakes. It's Glorious Treats recipe.
I topped them with tiny Reese's cups and used a Ziploc bag to pipe on the icing.This is the only chocolate cupcakes recipe I will use. I put it with a peppermint Swiss meringue butter cream for Christmas.
Since only 3 people in my house eat cupcakes and I hate changing around recipes I brought some into work and they were gone in seconds and got rave reviews. So if you need cupcakes use this recipe.


Heather said...

Ok this seriously looks amazing!


Ali Hval said...

Chocolate and pb is my favorite combo... so thrse are like food porn to me! Yum :)

Midwest Muse said...

These look heavenly.