Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zou Bisou Bisou

On the season premiere of Mad Men, Megan Draper sang "Zou Bisou Bisou" ever since, I've been thinking about dramatic sleeves and 60s makeup. I've also been trying not to embarrassingly it in public. Let's take a look a some dramatically sleeves.I love the print on this dress. And the sleeves are perfect for dramatically gesturing. I love thecontrast of a tight skirt with a loose flowy sleeve. The brooch is pretty cool too.
This is such a sassy dress.
Dramatic sleeves are a great way to add interest to a basic dress. So go forth and do an awkward dance in front of your coworkers.


Megan said...

Love the dramatic sleeves!

Ali said...

oooh, I love big, sheer sleeves! I hope to see more of this trend in stores. :D

little moon lover said...

I have not seen the new season but now I can't wait.. and yeah, I agree that dramatic sleeves may be all you need to call attention

Style Servings said...

Ooooh great finds!