Friday, April 27, 2012

Fabric Haul

My old high school's drama department is going through some changes and getting rid of a lot of fabric. And when people need to get rid of fabric, I'm your girl. I came home with a trash bag filled with fabric and an adjustable dress form. Let's look at some of the fabric I got.
The solids were a gold mine. They aren't really exciting colors but most of them have a lot to work with and good weights. There's a brown wool that I think will look great in a coat with a lot of seams, a denim for capris and some fabrics for winter skirts. And there will be enough fabric for a jacket so I can try some tailoring.
I got a good bit of prints too but I'm only going to look at a few because they don't photograph too well in my sewing room. I love the fabric with velvet stripes. I have a few pieces of that. I know that one piece will be the bodice of a dress. The floral is for some place mats.
I think the floral is so pretty. I think it will be a fantastic pencil skirt. My mom wants the blue and brown fabrics for the living room.                                                                                                       


Couture Carrie said...

Awesome score, darling!
Love that floral print!


Megan said...

Wow, congrats!! That is awesome, looks like you snagged a ton of great stuff. Love that yellow floral print, would make a cute skirt or pillowcase :)

The Pink Flamingo said...

It's great! I also like fabrics very much! :))

Ice Pandora said...

Wahh free fabric!
Lucky you c:


Joyce said...

The floral fabric is so pretty

his_girl_friday said...

That is a pretty floral print.

dressed to please said...

Hey Sweety, great Photos & nice Blog. I like it really ;) Great Job! I follow you, i hope you follw me back (if you like ;))) big kisses from germany ;***