Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shoe Saturday: Sandals

The weather's getting warmer and its time for bare legs and sandals!This is such a cute practical pair of sandals. I really like the yellow color.
I love the color combo on this ASOS pair. I love the print on these Jimmy Choos.


Meanz Chan (Koi Story) said...

I am in love with those first sandals. So pretty.

Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

As expected, my favourite are the Jimmy Choos! Typical! xx

South Molton St Style

Clara Turbay said...

this blog is a good example of style and taste.

Ali said...

Sandals! Something I am going to need more of instead of the cheap flip flops I currently have, haha. Thank you for reminding me that ASOS has shoes--haven't checked that website in so long!

E said...

Love the yellow pair!