Monday, March 19, 2012


Joan is my favorite character to watch on Mad Men. She's a pretty cool lady and has wonderful clothes. In honor of Mad Men's return I'm counting down my 5 favorite Joan dresses. 5. This is a cute little dress and I love the scarf draped down her back.

4. This is her Christmas party dress. I love the color and the bow in the back.

3. She doesn't usually do prints. I think the applique on this is great. This dress looks wonderful on her.

2. That collar is fantastic.
1. This is the prettiest dress. When you think of Joan Holloway you picture her in this dress.

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Ali said...

I want to watch Mad Men specifically because of the outfits.. I see them all over Tumblr and such! I really like the red dress because of the bow detail on the back.

Alexandra said...

I never got into Mad Men but I did always love the fashion in that show, especially Joan's!

Alexandra xo

NaNa said...

These are beautiful dresses, on a very beautiful lady :)

Love from the NaNa girls x

The Midwest Muse said...

I can't get into this show, but I love the fashion. These are all insanely wonderful pieces and I wish I had the body to pull them off!

Ramona said...

I never got into Mad Men too. But fashion is amazing in that show indeed.

xoxo Ra

Imogen said...

I love all of these dresses too, so gorgeous.