Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favorites part 2

Here are my other New York fashion favorites.
Marc Jacobs- His collection was very 70s; it could be too literal but there are great pieces.I love the second look. And I love the color in the last look.
I think the print in the first one is really cool. The purple hat is what makes the second look spectacular. I love everything about the last look!

Monique Lhuillier- I really wish I had something intelligent to say about these but they are just beautiful. The middle one is my favorite.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New York Fashion Favorites

These are looks from collections I really liked. This is part 1.
Karen Walker- I like her clothes because they are so girly; Walker has a great eye for prints and color. I enjoy the mix of prints in the first piece. I'm a big fan of printed blazers and those pants are a great match to both prints. The unstructured jacket in the second look seems very cozy and great for early spring. The last look is just a great mini dress.
This next look shows off her color skills; I've never thought of orange and grey together and they look great. The yellow skirt is spectacular. It looks like it would be so fun to twirl and twirl in. The print on the shirt is looks great with the cool silver.
Chris Benz had a girly 70s vibe to it. A lot of the looks in the collection were monochromatic.I really like the dress in the first look. The colors in the next look are great. I love the contrast of the neon green with the pale mint colors plus, it looks like a green Daphne from Scooby Doo. I love the colors of this orange outfit. The tassels on the cardigan make it fun.
These are just really pretty dresses and who would have thought that blue leather could look sweet?
What are you favorite fashion week looks?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today was a pretty good day. I got to wear my bow shirt. Its a bit more covered than I usually go but I could not resist the tie. Shirt -H&M, Skirt - Target
I really like the skirt because the color is so vibrant! I like that it looks like an old slip on the bottom layer but the top layer is fun and girly.

The bow tie! I really like the print on the shirt. Its a really discreet print.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School outfits and projects

I don't have my first day of school outfit because it was the dress from the last post. There are no outfits from the first week since I was enjoying my friends before they moved to college. So here is the outfit from my first real week of school. This dress is a really light pink and it has sequins that you can't really see.
dress H&M
This is my favorite leopard dress. It is in constant rotation. I feel like I wear it a gazillion times a month but it is truly adorable so I feel like that's okay.
Dress H&M
Its been dreadfully hot in my school but I've been bringing sweaters that I haven't gotten to wear. I accidentally left my sweater in school so hopefully its still there tomorrow. I want fall to come. I want to wear scarves and sweaters and my wool pencil skirt.

Here are my upcoming sewing projects. I haven't gotten the next two patterns or there fabric.
I think this Cynthia Rowley jacket in a dark denim would look really great for fall. I haven't had a denim jacket since I was about 8.
This dress is spectacular. I love things with cool backs. I'm thinking a mod-ish black and white crepe.