Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jeans and Sparkles

So I've been busy with rehearsal; I've only been home before 8-ish a few time in the last two weeks. I would stop at someones house and borrow a shirt for dancing.
So this outfit is from about 3 weeks ago we had terrible snow so wearing a dress anywhere wasn't a good idea. I wore this to a sleepover type thing. This was the most interesting thing i wore that week. I missed sparkles so much that I wore my Lady Gaga leotard under jeans. I wore jeans that entire week it was very strange.
glasses-new york, jacket and shoes thrift, jeans Delia's, leotard d.iy.
I don't have any L initials; I haven't gotten around to changing it to something that makes sense.

It turns out that rain boots are not similar to rain boots when you play in the snow.
Next week my play is over.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Alexander McQueen

I'm really saddened my Alexander McQueen's death. He was one of my favorite designers.Every season he created something different and I thought it was so refreshing.. Fall 2008 was my favorite collection of his; I had pictures of it all over my binders while the other kids had pictures of Cedric Diggory as a vampire. Fall '08 had a fairytale air. All of his clothes look like they would move so beautifully.
This was the dress on my binder but it was in an editorial so that was the picture I had.
His tailoring was impeccable; his trousers perfection. They are pants even I would want to wear.

You can almost feel the bird flying.

At first it looks like a feather printed lace then at the top you see its peacocks.
This dress is just perfection the way the draping creates cool hip pleats and all the different sizes of houndsooth.
I always feel like I've had a response to his clothes. His runway shows were shows in themselves. McQueen has had a dress spray painted ,snow, and dancing on his runway.I always thought a McQueen girl would be strong but not unapproachable because of the silhouette he made.They may not be everyone cup of tea. I showed my mom one of his collections and she just said, "Oh that's interesting."
Even when he did really girly stuff like flowers there was always a twist.

I feel like Alexander McQueen was a master artist and craftsman. I really admired him. What are your favorite McQueen pieces?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow and Diaper bags

It snowed a lot here. I think its around 3 feet and we're supposed to get another foot tonight. But I've had a lot of fun. I spent the night at a friends last night then a HUGE group of us went sledding. And I gonna go to another sleepover tomorrow.

A few months ago, my grandmom asked me to make a diaper bag for her pregnant friend.I didn't know the sex of the kid so I needed to use a gender neutral zoo print. The background is blue so I did most of the topstitching in pink in case it was a girl. The giraffe print is a flannel (it is so soft). I don't want to brag but I think its super adorable.

There's some topstitching in pink. Its the pocket and strap.
There's the inside. There is a gathered pocket that I guess you would put bottles in; I don't know I've never had children.
I sent it to my grandma about a week ago and she loved it. I sent the package the day the baby was born and it was a boy.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

In the spring of things

I've had a wonderful week. I went on epic car adventures. Gotten milkshakes ( and chased a friend around a parking lot with a straw) and fries and blasted gangsta rap in a car. I've eaten ice cream with a fork and learned how to make a face with my calculator.

But I think I miss spring we've gotten so much snow. I like not wearing a coat. I think I miss the park though. My friends and I would go almost everyday after school. We would swing and laugh. I don't think it will be the same this year since two of our park group are off at college. And the rest our seniors.
I got my computer back and I found these pictures from the park. I don't know if I've posted these before but I just put them on facebook so probably not.

See fun times for all.

This one was described as oh jeez and you both look so cute when you laugh.

I like to swing but today I'm hopefully braving the snow and having an adventure.