Sunday, June 20, 2010


So I haven't been taking outfit photos lately because my camera battery died and I couldn't find the charger but I found it about three days ago. I've been enjoying summer so far I've gone to a few parties.So these are things other people took.

This is a dress I tried at HonFest. I loved it because it was so sparkly.
Dress was from forever 21. We went to the ocean during senior week to surprise our friends. And my face is a yay we are finally here face.

This was from the Litmag party that was supposed to be a picnic but it got moved to my house. In this I'm about to do the Single Ladies dance. I really like this dress.
How has your summer been?


Mary Kate said...

The litmag party was beautiful!

St├ęphanie said...

Lovely pictures !

Sonia said...

The floral dress is gorgeous, love it!

Sonia // Dozen Dresses

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous looks, darling!
Especially loving that last dress!