Sunday, June 13, 2010

like my iPod's stuck on replay part 2

I've had fun lately. I've pulled a lot of pranks. And yesterday some friends and I went to Ocean City to surprise some friends that were at senior week. And today I went to Honfest and saw I friend I haven't seen in a year.

This is part two of albums I can listen to on repeat.These are the more recent albums.
Volume One - She & Him
This just feels like you should be drinking iced tea on a porch swing. I like it because it sounds old. It's super adorable. "Black Hole" is one of my favorites.
Give Up - The Postal Service
I don't really dig music that sounds all computery but this is an exception. The lyrics are sublime. "I want to take you far From the cynics in this town And kiss you on the mouth" is a favorite line of mine.

Rabbit Fur Coat - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
This album helped make me a Jenny Lewis fan. I purchased it after my Rilo Kiley concert. And I listened to it when I got home. It's a slow album so I don't listen to it much but I love it. You are what you love is my favorite.

Hot Fuss- The Killers

I actually forgot how great this was until it popped up in my shuffle the other day.It's filled with good pop songs and it is a really good album to listen to in a car.

Funeral - The Arcade Fire

It's just brilliant. All the songs flow into each other spectacularly. My favorite is Neighborhood 1 (Tunnels). There was a long period where I would listen to this everyday on the ride home and my friends built a snow tunnel this of course was quoted. I still listen to this a lot. The guitar on Neighborhood 3 is really fun. And Crown of Love and Anee Sans Lumiere are good mellow songs.

What are some songs or albums you adore?


ergyerg said...

Eee, i'll have to try some of your suggestions out :D xxxxx

Couture Carrie said...

Love The Postal Service!


Sarah J said...

Excellent taste love!! I love the postal service too. they are quite the magnificence. Secret:
listen to Goodbye by the postmarks. Wonderful post!

Engreida said...

Love your blog!

Frock Around the Clock said...

I'm alone, on a bicycle for twoooo! I love She&Him!! :) x

Dylana Suarez said...

Thanks for introducing this music. I love finding out about great new songs to check out!

St├ęphanie said...

Nice post !

ITSCCChaneey. said...

-mon dieu, if everyone had your music taste the world would be a perfect place. the first two albums are like my favorite albums of all time. ahah, great blog.

Amelia said...

I love She and Him, Hot Fuss and Funeral. Definitely going to have to check out the others. Right now I'm kind of obsessed with Phoenix and Vampire Weekend--both their most recent CDs are really good.

Annie Spandex said...

More repeat albums?
Hmm... dunno, I tend to play random mixes a lot. Those hang around in my player a while.

Winnie said...

Oh I love She & Him and Postal service, great picks!

The Sequin Cat said...

Great musical selection!