Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feathered Friends

I love feathers so much you would swear I was a showgirl in a past life.There are a lot of feather looks in stores now which I find really exciting. This is my favorite thing in this post. Its also a top you can never have enough tops. It is in a liberty print. Liberty prints are awesome. This is just really pretty. $145 I really like these feather tights. Since they can be skin colored it look like you have a feather tattoo. $18
This is a great fall dress. With knee high brown boots and a big brown hat you'd be the most foxy person in the room. It has 6 days left and is currently ten bucks.

This is a perfect party dress. It's trimmed in feathers and has a rhinestone belt.

This is just really really pretty. $35
I like this because the print sort of looks like a watercolor.The dress has 7 days left.


ergyerg said...

Eee, lovely finds! I really like the top in the first photo :D

marian said...

what a pretty line up of feathered pieces. I could really see you in each! I hope you have been well

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, feathers are so elegant and chic!! :)

Stéphanie said...

Just a fabulous post !

CCWai said...

Feathers can be great inspirations!
I love all of them, especially the first picture!

Ali said...

Cute cute things! :) I love feathers, as well! Never got around to buying any, though, hmmm.. need to change that.

{ I V Y } said...

oh wow, those tights are lovely!
i want them :D

Iva said...

lovely feathers! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

à la Modest said...

I like feathers a lot, too. I am trying to get more accessories with feathers. So far I only have two!

Aren't you worried that by posting items that you're bidding on Ebay will increase your competition? lol. Just a thought! :)