Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm really excited for spring and summer weather. I decided to do a mood board type thing for what I'm digging for spring/summer. Here's last year's list.
FULL SKIRTS- I think full skirts are wonderful for spring; they are great for twirling and are cooler temperature wise than pants. I want skirts so big when I swish down the hallway the skirt swishes and I have a little cushion.
Showgirl- I really just want feathers and sequins. Lots of feathers and sequins.
Hair things- I'm going through another hat phase. Fascinator, headbands, and hats just scream spring to me. And in the summer when you wear less clothes they add some visual interest to an outfit.
Jimi Hendrix- I feel like he exudes confidence and what the kids these days call swagger. Also Axis Bold as Love is AMAZING.
Structure- I want things with interesting shapes. I see my self experimenting with pleats.
I also like Backless things (and it gives me plenty of opportunities to tell people I'm bringing sexyback), interesting prints and embroidered details.


St├ęphanir said...

Beautiful pictures !

St├ęphanie said...

Beautiful pictures !

Indigirl said...

I love backless things too! The pics you chose are really pretty!

SR@MyStyle said...

I love backless too, very inspirational ideas!

marian said...

what a great set of images. i like the structure and texture coming through. Jimi was so stylish!

Damsels said...

the skirt is so gorgeous ! but its so hard to find something like that for a decent preice .. if i did i would totally wear it everywhere!

Robyn said...

I'm with you on the feathers and sequins. Showgirl style all the way.

marian said...

hope you are well Jess

indigotangerine said...

I literally agree with all of these! I'm searching for the perfect backless dress right now. And full skirts? Always.