Sunday, May 31, 2009

When the moon is in the seventh house

Yesterday, was Super Saturday which is when Goodwill gives you 50% off clothing how exciting. I got some good stuff.I got pretty T-straps and you know they are pretty comfortable for giving me about 4 inches of height.

An Alexander McQueen for target dress,I also got another dress in the same blue color.A black blazer,that may go into the store,it looks plain from the front but turn around anHoly buttruffles batman.

Speaking of that store,I'm putting new thing up.It would be really really great if you wanted to buy something especially if you wanted to do this before Wednesday because its something special.

We have for you a lovely 80s blazer modeled by my mom and mannequin. $32.00

And handmade by me a red heart shaped by only $35.00

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jenny Lewis and Rodarte

Remember when I thought my friend and I were going to see Jenny Lewis,sadly it is not happening. We didn't think about buying tickets until I reminded him in Biology so while were were working on our projects we looked up tickets.
SOLD OUT,Needless to say I was devastated.It would have been great the first full day of summer vacation ending with Jenny Lewis. No Jenny Lewis for me and she's only my favorite singer and I had to miss her concert last time she came around. So unless the ticket fairy wants to grant me some tickets no Jenny Lewis for me Maybe if I sang a song like in Cinderella something will happen.
Yesterday I found an Alexander McQueen Jacket pattern AWESOME. While milling around on the same site I found short videos by designers, saw Rodarte made one so I was very interested. I realize I don't talk about designers much (or at all),but Rodarte is one I really admire. I watched their short film its called,"Vox Humana".

I really liked it.Amazing plus amazing equals really really good. I thought it was really. Pretty so the moral of the story Rodarte and Jenny Lewis two things currently out of my reach.

Though I do have a funny Rodarte story. I showed my friend a picture of this life. Which really moved me.I asked the basic question of," Does this dress make you feel like you can't achieve anything better and dress you made would just be sub par and if you cured cancer and put it next to the dress it wouldn't be good enough?" Strangely he said no. But he did say I would look nice in it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh baby give me one more chance

I played twister and defeated my opponent because they were blinded by my beauty and were intimidated by my dance moves. I went to the battle of the beltways (D.C. Vs. Baltimore), D.c. won and I saw Batman and Robin.
Yesterday, I was sick and I wanted to make this dress,the one in the middle,with this pretty pink at the top and grey at the bottom.
But instead I laid in bed,ate soup and worked on my science project I'm making a children's book.
the most interesting part of my outfit today.
Then I made this. Does it look like a bunch of scrap fabric. It is but its sewn on a piece of elastic so now its a RESISTANCE BAND for gym class.

I know I've talked about whichgoose before but I would wear her crowns and combs everyday if could and on top of making beautiful hair pieces shes also a Maryland girl YAY!

She's started using butterflies which makes me happy because I love having flying thing on my head and butterflies.

Orange monarchs ready for flight, $30.00
Blue butterflies with little blue beads ahh. $30.oo

She describes this as perfect for frolicking I agree, I love to frolick wouldn't it look great with a 50s dress and leather jacket. $40.00

This one has already sold but its just so pretty.

Its blue it looks soft ad cloud like $25.00

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Swing time

I've had a pretty good week. Except for two 3 hour long tests but I did get to sleep in. And one day I had desert for breakfast (strawberries and cream frappicino and M&M cookie) delicious.
That same day I went to the park with my friends and the camera was there so its fun park themed daily outfit time!!

jacket and dress-thrift.tights mash,sunglasses-friend

Lets thank my lovely friend for taking pictures.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Dress

A little bit ago I finished my dress that I worked on in school. It took so long to make because of hand sewing and there were distractions. I think this is my favorite thing of mine I've made. And its in my favorite colors pink and orange. It has a lapped zipper and I did it right after two tries (I got my left and right mixed up). Its also super soft. I used Simplicity 3833 its a 60s reproduction it was really great to sew.
I wore it on Tuesday.With my pretty pink jacket.
dress-me,tights we love colors,jacket-vintage no.5

After I got home my friend I went to a carnival. We went on an awesome ride 3 times and the man wouldn't let off the Ferris wheel. I had to plead with the ride conductor to let us get on the carousel, he made us sit on opposite sides to balance it out, and I won a pig at the gun game and I didn't even know how to hold one.After the carnival we drove around listening to Gwen stefani,Jefferson airplane,Jackson 5 and Hilary duff and dancing at red lights.

1. Carousel, 2. The Carnival, 3. The Games, 4. Self Portrait

Monday, May 11, 2009

A little Birdie told me

Hey guys. I forgot to take outfit pictures this past week so here's a rundown of my weekend with some fashion related tie-ins. Sounds fun right?
Friday I went to my drama club's award ceremony/dinner/dance. This year I was nominated for two and I won them both.

Saturday I bought my mom's mother's day present,I got her a bench she really likes it.Then Saturday night I went to my friends movie night. We watched Goldmember and the Producers(interesting mix). It was only me her and the boy. I thought there would be more people.

Here's what I wore I didn't haven't anytime to change into something I liked better because as soon as I was done shopping I went over my friends house.

Sunday I took my mom to d.c. I took her to the arboretum and Georgetown I went to Vintage no.5 and bought the prettiest jacket.Today I was told to wear my Drama shirt since our director is leaving. I also wore my flapper dress because its so fun. During my free period I kept swishing around. I also wore the pretty jacket I picked up Sunday and the headband I made.

I don't know what kind of flower this is it just showed up in the garden I think its very pretty.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A sort of rambly post

The alternative title is nearly naked because according to my friend I'm nearly naked with out some obnoxious accessory that I wear during gym class.I really enjoy the top half of Fridays outfit. I love this dress, and this shirt allowed me to find another Funkadelic fan in my school.
dress-body central,socks-target,tee-pfunk concert
And the dogwood tree blossomed.

I had a AWESOME DAY Saturday. I woke up and watched clueless with my dog then watched Pan's Labyrinth. Then I went to my mom's tastefully simple party. then bowling

I had a different outfit on that I planned on wearing bowling then my stepdad said that's a bit mannish don't you think. So I quickly ran up to change because the boy I like was going bowling with us and I make enough of a fool of myself already.this was the first dress in my closet. My mom probably thinks this is inappropriate because according to her you can't wear a dress while bowling. Fortunately one of my motto's is nothing is inappropriate if you are wearing shorts. This motto has allowed to do many things like spin around and use shorts as storage instead of carrying around a bag.

dress and jacket-thrift,belt-old navy
But uhh back to bowling it was great,I talked to boy,got a strike high fived boy,got my hair braided while bowling(this was kind of difficult so me and my friend had to be in sync), I came in second and I got my dance on.

Sunday it rained,I went grocery shopping and wore a pretty umbrella.

dress-vintage clothing warehouse,hat-vintage No.5 ,jacket-thrift,umbrella-gift
Today was pretty good. there a many things I should be doing right now studying for AP test,cleaning so I can move my sewing room,straightening fabric,cleaning out my binder.I made a new fascinator,I wore it to gym It makes the gym uniform tolerable. My English teacher told me I looked like Billie Holiday
coat and dress-thrift,sweater-nordstrom,fascinator-made by me