Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Orange and blue

Its that time of the year again. Its musical costume roundup time! Last year it was Alice in Wonderland themed this year its 50s High school themed. This instalment is particularly exciting since yours truly did the costumes. Its basically about cheerleaders a soda shop and football.

I dressed all the girls the same. In the first scene we all wore white button ups and capris, I got to add a blue scarf to mine because I was head cheerleader. The boys wore football jerseys that my friend made.

Ohh cool football jersey this one in the 7 played my "love interest" this isn't any one's best photo My friend and his mom used fabric paint and tees, on the back it has the number and last name of the player.

For the next part I had the girls change to red poodle skirts but the new student wore jeans so you could see that she was different.


Video this is part of my solo.

Then I had the cheerleader wear orange and blue skirts (the school colors). I made the skirt my self I was very glad when we decided to have 5 cheerleaders instead of 6.

There's no good group shots of cheerleaders since we were jumping around with pep and what not but this one gets the idea.

A better look at the skirt,the new girl wore a poodle skirt(we had to share my poodle skirt because there was on that was for her that was too small for everybody), the football player still wore the jersey.
Next was the homecoming scene all the girls wore dresses and the guys wore button downs and dress pants.(the boy I danced with the only one in khakis decided to make himself smell good during this scene I was appreciative because I was very very warm up on stage).My dress its the dress I got in Charleston.
Now its makeup time, the first night I had my makeup done for me.
Before I had to go to mike check like this the boys giggled.

After. I really like the way me eyes look.The second night I used arbonne lipstick,the lady said it would only last six hours it last 12 through eating drinking dancing sweating and castparty-ing.

My old English teacher got me a star and it warmed my cold heart,it said,"I knew you were talented but multi talented is what you are."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

See Frenando

Its vlog time, THE EXTRA CAFFINATED EDITION. In this exciting segment I discuss, jenny Lewis,boys,dancing and cough drops.


In the video I promise pretty pictures.

Flappers in an amusement park,Edie Sedgwick wasn't she beautiful,Jenny Lewis,Yves Saint Laurent Coat,Zooey Deschanel,Grace Slick,Edie meeting Mick Jagger,A pretty illustration.

I think I've said enough in the pictures and my vlog.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

eBay Vintage finds

I was looking around the eBay vintage section lately and saw so really cool stuff. So I figured that I spent the last of my Easter money on a library fine and Jenny Lewis record I should share them with you.

Sadly this 1920s romper has already sold. It made me so happy with its two tone-ness and musical notes. According to the listing it used to belong to a dancer. I can picture it

Super cool red and white dress. It looks great from a distance. And on a closer look it has a little hippie girl. What more could you want. here.

If sunshine were a dress , this would be it.

Now to the things I liked Monday but have sold.

At first I thought the jumpsuit was kind of ridiculous but the more I look at it the more I like it. I may have to try this look.
You know that 60s perception of the future style. This looks like it would be the flight attendant uniform of the future.
I think this is a swim suit. I looks like water and I'm in love with the striped scallop hem.
Can't you imagine Pam from the Office wearing this in the 70s.

Monday, April 13, 2009

South Carolina

We're trying to make our kitchen like a fifties diner. This is what we have so far.

I was in South Carolina last week. Everyone was very nice and I had tons of fun. I went on a dolphin kayak trip I had to be towed back because of the strong current and my weak arms. I ran around a submarine.
I went to this store called Exchange Factor.I got a mint green fifties dress and a sequined jacket.

I also went to a goodwill warehouse in Va. You'll se those next week its in the wash right now. There I got 3 sweaters a cape and sequined junpsuit.

Today I had a real relaxing day. I watched morning shows.Started skirts for the musical. And went to the library. They gave me a beach ball since I had a a library card. I still had to pay a 7.00 fine At the library I checked out Breakfast at Tiffany's to reread,The best of Creamand On Chesil beach. I went to record and tpae traders to see if my cd was in t was. I got Motor Booty Affair its pretty awesome.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lets get Enchanted

The Enchanted Forest was located in Ellicot City it was stared by the Harrison family with their own money.The Enchanted Forest is the second oldest park on the East Coast.It was primarily target to little kids since it had a nursery rhyme theme, eventually it was sold and the parking lot was turned into a shopping center with a Safeway and a gazebo. It closed in 1989.However the king pointing towards the forest and castle gate still remain at the shopping plaza. In present day a society was set up to refurbish and relocate the rides and statues for future generations to enjoy. Most of it has been moved some still sits neglected behind a chain link fence.

The enchanted forest didn't have many rides but there was the

Teacup ride
Little Toot the boat in the background it would go around this giant pond

Cinderella carriage you would sit in rats and ride around the park.
Along with transporting you to another time and place it also provides much fashion inspiration.

So I sort of want to live in a blue house with multi colored shingles.

My new pink dress was just dying to be worn with orange (though I feel that way about everything pink). I think I'm in love with this hat sadly the school system will not feel this way. With the dress and hat I feel like some sort of Technicolor Edie Sedgwick.

dress and hat Vintage No.5, Tights We Love Colors, Glasses UO, Coat thrift, bag moi

For any reader do you know any fun places to go between Maryland and South Carolina?Please comment with your advice or email shoppaholic708 at gmail dot com

Saturday, April 4, 2009

D.c. and No.5

Today I went down to D.C. I went into Georgetown. My goal was to go to Vintage No.5 because I read about it on Fashion void that is D.C. It is such a wonderful store and the owner, Sylvia is super nice. I forgot to take pictures.

You have to go up a few flights of stairs but it is worth it. Sadly they don't accept credit cards but theres an ATM right across the street. Its a tiny store but is packed with great stuff. I got a pretty pink 60s lace dress. I white dress with flowers and a white and black dress. And an orange hat that matches perfectly with my coat. I want to run around with both of them talking like Holly Golightly. I got it all for $15.

I'm really in love with this hat. I haven't taken it off since I bought it. I was crossing the street and it blew off of my head I dodged many pedestrians to retrieve it.
I wanted to get this cool black sequin jacket. And I've been hunting for one for awhile now. Hopefully it will still be there next week. Vintage No.5 has a great selection and great prices.
Its on 1083 Wisconsin Ave.

I wore my science project dress today. It makes me feel like Marie Antoinette because in the morning you tie it all nicely and its short and neat. Then by the end of the day its all asymmetrical and longer. I probably could have stopped this by using non-slippery ribbon but I think I like its subtle destruction.

hat-Vintage no. 5,dress-diy,jacket-thrift,tights-target.