Monday, March 30, 2009

Sprimg Summer 09

Hello Internet pals. Long time no see. I've been really busy lately. I've had rehearsals till five and homework. I'm kind of nervous about it I get to sing a song all by myself and all alone it on the stage.

I'm super excited for spring and summer so here's what I think will be great for me.

  • Floral Prints- Especially in that Luella collection, They're so bright and cute.
  • Pleated skirts- I want a pleated skirt. I want one in a fun color. I think they are awesome to swish around and spin in. And spinning and swishing really brightens my day.
  • Scallops- I want something scallopy I like them because they can look tough or delicate.
  • Military jackets- I wanted one for a while. Hopefully this season I'll be able to find a really cool one at a good price.
  • Petal skirts- Not skirts with flowers though I love those too. I want a skirt that looks like a flower.
  • Sheer- But in a cool non trashy way. and in a way that it is acceptable to leave the house in.
  • Layering- I like layering sheers with other things. Not only does this allow you to leave the house in an "appropriate" way but you can play with a dress without fear of accidentally showing someone your underwear and that's always good.
  • Nostalgia for times I've never lived in -this is hard to explain but I see it in my head.
  • Flappers- Feathers fringe dropwaists. Whats not to love? Isn't Louise Brooks cool. I think I'm getting my hair cut like her soon.
  • Marie Antoinette- She never wore the same dress twice. Fascinating. I'm feeling more of Sophia Coppola's interpretation of her. Volume,colors,feathers cake like and fragile.

So I'm going to be making a few things on my super cool new sewing machine (it was my birthday present but I got it 3 months early. I think this will explain the nostalgia bullet

  • Singing in the rain Flapper dress- It will combine two of my favorite things flappers and colors.
  • Sailor Shorts- I want white white dark buttons.
  • a coat - not for spring but I want to have it done by fall
  • A groupie dress-It's sheer with a cool psychedelic
  • something a scallop hem

Does anyone know how to do that thing where when you click on the pictures they get bigger?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Wardrobe

I love pink and green together. I wore this Friday. Friday was a good day. I watched Hairspray,and read part of Atonement in school.

dress-made by me,tights-gift,jacket-forever 21,tee-Parliament-funkadelic concert
My sewing teacher showed me the vintage pattern drawer in school. This one is my favorite. I'm going to make it in the next two weeks. I want to move my sewing area upstairs because the basement is way to cold for me.
Today I went down to Ellicot City. I saw a bear blowing bubbles a pirate and railroad tracks. I wore my super cool Mondrian dress and matching sweater.
dress-forever 21,tights-gift,sweater-thrift,necklace-made by me
I made my necklace using fake pearls and a vintage presser foot I found at the thrift store. I like the way the big metal piece contrasts with the dainty pearls.
I also got a feather for when I'm feeling like a flapper or Marie Antoinette,shiny berries for a hair accessory and shiny heart shaped sunglasses.
And enough vintage patterns to make a new wardrobe.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I got tights from We love Colors they are pretty much the coolest thing ever. If i wanted to I could play checkers on myself. I paired them with my favorite black dress. It makes me feel really tall. And the pearls make me feel sophisticated.

dress-thrift,tights- we love colors, lamb-painted by me,jacket forever 21

Its Saint Patrick's day. I forgot to wear green. There were green stripes on my shorts though! I love wearing this dress. It makes me feel so bright and happy and feel like singing songs by the Mamas and the Papa and general frolicking. I love how the sleeve bells out a little bit.

jacket - forever 21, dress-vintage store,tights-walmart
Those are some super cool tights. I wish I had those. Colors stripes oh my. Bazaar cover August 1966.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Here is Wednesdays outfit. I wore a really simple navy dress. And accessorized a ton. I've had issues with navy since I had to wear it everyday in middles school.But this dress is great I love the ruffles and the sleeves remind me of petals.

Dress,jacket shoes-thrift, leggings-target, bracelet- moi
Silver leggings make me feel really bad ass for some reason.

I made this bracelet last year. I beaded about 50 safety pins.
I love these shoes. But after a three hour rehearsal after school my feet hurt. I brought flats to change into but laziness got the best of me. Petal Sleeves! With Bias tape!! I love bias tape.
I love ruffles too.
Friday, I was inspired by Alexander McQueen's use of hound sooth all over in different sizes. Isn't that a amazing dress and pretty pretty tights.My Take on itSkirt and sweatshirt-thrift, tights -target

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hold me closer tiny dancer

Yesterday I wanted to wear a flapper dress but I paired it with my blue skirt to be slightly weather appropriate. My friend told me I looked like Cher or a country Western singer.
dress- halloween,skirt-thrift,jacket forever 21,tights we love colors
Today I wanted to be a groupie. It didn't work. I wanted to wear my groupie dress with pretty pleats on the front and buttons as a closure in the prettiest pink sheer psychedelic paisley print ever. Then I remembered I didn't make it yet because I'm not quite sure how.
Isn't it pretty it is really sheer the picture doesn't show it but it provides layering opportunities and an excuse to get more slips.
I put on my groupie coat,that I got at the thrift store. Its by Gwen Stefani,I think makeup counter employees had to wear t when hawking her perfume since it says " a new fragrance by Gwen Stefani" and has a GIANT L on the back.
I noticed that I always style my blue dress a bit Alice in Wonderland-esque you know with the white tights and black Maryjanes.
dress-American Appearel, tights-walmart,coat -thrift
I watched Woodstock today. It was really good I missed the first half hour though.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Change is hard

I felt real hip and mod on Wednesday. I also got a pizza and cake and fudge which made me a happy camper.blazer and dress -thrift,tights and socks target
It snowed a bit ago and the day I decided to properly prepare my feet for the cold the snow melts. I mixed so many prints in this outfit. I entered a contest to win the Jimi Hendrix of sewing machines.

sweater-thrift,dres -Marshalls,boots filenes,tights gift

Today was a drama field trip we were told to wear pants I have a feeling that this was directed at me since I'm the one person who doesn't wear pants everyday. It was really fun. We watch performances and I went to a workshop where this dude did injury make up. It looked really real.As I was putting on my pants I kept chanting "If Zooey Deschanel can wear pants you can wear pants." I think pants are charming on other people just not me. But I couldn't handle just pants so I put a skirt and a big old Edie Sedgwick coat on top of it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chocks Away

I went Thrifting Saturday and got a few things. I Don't have to wear my toe sprain anymore. I got the floral blazer Saturday. I decided to go with a simpler dress.

I picked up the blazer because it was kinda of ridiculous then I put it on and liked it.

Blazer and dress -thrift,tights we love colors,shoes-payless

I really like my dress. It makes me feel like a flight attendant but a cool one. I like the pointy shoulders and chevron.

I love this editorial. Its called Chocks Away by Tim Walker. It looks really dream like and it has such pretty clothes.

more here