Thursday, January 29, 2009

long expsoures

I love long exposures. Its really fun when the subject is a person because when they move it looks like they aren't there. I saw a picture of the sky in long exposure n 7th grade and I loved it. Then I forgot about it because I forgot what it was. I saw an article on it recently and fell in love again.

Some examples from Flickr.I don't know why two of them didn't work.

1. Canal by long exposure, 2. Edinburgh long exposure, 3. London Eye in Motion - Day Time- 3 Minute Long Exposure, 4. Long Exposure #4, 5. Police long exposure, 6. MISTY WATER , LONG EXPOSURE SHOT, 7. Gullane Beach- Long exposure effect, 8. MISTY WATER , LONG EXPOSURE SHOT, 9. Long Exposure Photography

I recently found out that my camera has a button that lets you do long exposures so i tried it out.

I also made a video.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Hippie?

My midterms are FINALLY over. I have the next few days off,
I went to the library Friday and I wore one of my favorite outfits.
Heels thrift,doors tee walmart,sweater gift,coat Burlington's,skirt purse fascinator-me,tights AA
I wore flats to school but I changed into heels because they make me feel good. The librarians were very friendly. On my way home I came across a strange boy.
Boy: You know its not 1960
Me:Yes I'm aware
Boy: Okay cuz you look like a hippie its 2009 not the future
I just walked away I'm not very good at witty comebacks sadly. He seems a bit confused about his decades though.
It snowed today it made me so happy I love the snow.
Yesterday I had my last exam. When our money lady came over she said that I dressed just like she did in the 80s.

I found out my camera does long exposures and I love long exposures even before I knew what It was,there was one of the sky in our science book in 6th grade and i thought it looked really cool.

tights-sparkly 579 hound sooth target,shoes payless dress-vintage,sweater nordstrom

Friday, January 23, 2009

Today on etsy

I'm at library, on the computer. My home computer doesn't like Etsy. Here no one sits next to each other unless they came together. But we all awkwardly exchange glances hoping nobody is silently judging us for what sites we are on.
Anyways I have some new listing on Etsy. It's fascinators! Yay!

This is Lola fit for a showgirls day off

This is raven inspired by my local football team

Clara inspired by flappers

Valentine lovely for valentines day

I have other things in my shop. I'm working on heart shaped bags to put up. If you want one in a specific color combination email me at shoppaholic708(at) my email is clickble in my profile if you would rather go that way.
I'm off to popeyes to reward my self for making a blog post and listing in under on hour.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

but I just see the memories as they come

So on Sunday when everyone within a 50 mile radius was watching a football game, I made stuff. This is my heart shaped bag It is my tester because I'm going to makes some in prettty fabric. My friend wants one with Donnie Walberg on it. This is curently my lunchbag. I used the leftover fabric from my cousins skirt.This is also my daily outfit photo.

dress thrift,fascinator and bag -made by me.

I also made a skirt form blinding fabric I got at the thrift store.It looks cool as a dress too though I 'm not sure if its too short to wear it this way.Look at the hem I used a zipper that was almost as tall as me. The skirt I'm holding came in a bag of fabric at the thrift store. I just hemmed and added a hook and eye. Its a bit tiny so I have to squeeze into it. The bag came with tons more of it so I think I want a jacket from it. The heart skirt used to kids pj pants.

Something in one of these photos is the hint for the next post.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've felt uninspired for the last few days. It started Thursday for no reason.Then Friday my friend dashed my dreams of a house with moon bounce floors and room made of and filled with candy.

I had to fix this slump. I determined that it came from messy rooms. So I tided my bedroom a bit danced around to the white stripes got dressed up wore a mask as hat and another one a necklace and I felt much better.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Connect the dots

Thanks to Annie Spandex I found Fashionary. It combines two of my favorite things dresses and connect the dots. So you just draw what you want over the person and then connect the other lines for there arms legs and faces and voila a pretty picture. I think its improved my people drawing skills. No more lopsided people.

Lets compare shall we:
Before Fashionary

With Fashionary

When you use the printable templates its a good way to discreetly do something else in school when everyone else is finishing their work. I filled about five sheets of these in one school day. So I'd say that was a very productive day in the public school system.
Sorry most of the pictures aren't colored I'm not friends with the fun kids who bring colored pencils with them everywhere. Is it bad I want photoshop just to color things because paint doesn't do a good job.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Freak out in a moonage daydream

Thanks for your sweet comments on the video.

I couldn't get my sewing machine fixed because they didn't have the part. They also said I had a cheap machine. So I had to get a new one. Its so pretty and it makes crescents zigzags these cool box things AND it can sew on buttons.

Last night was great, I won my first ebay autction. I feel bad fo my friend because I was on the phone with him as it was ending and when I won i started screaming,"I won I won I won," like a crazy person I think I know why people get addicted to eBay. What did I win? The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders form mars by David bowie for 60cents! Yes it has my favorite Bowie song. Moon age daydream was my first bowie song where I knew what I was listening to.

Here is what I wore today. The dress is brighter than it looks. I had quite the productive day. I doodled in school wrote some essays did some math. I wanted to wear my cool flower dress but I heard it was going to be cold so I thought I might have to run to school,and running in a dress you can barely walk in is no fun. So I wore something equally blinding.

sweater-nordstrom,dress,thrift,bow-thrift,tights yellow-target,pink- smash

This is from a week ago oops! I wondered what plaid and plaid looked like.

jacket-Marc Jacobs,dress-gift,tights-forever 21

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pancakes and Q&A

I'm a little hyper in the video because we got pancakes in school. I can't find any of the videos that I mentioned in the video. But I look for them over the weekend and put them up.


I really dug this outfit until I had math class and everyone saw my shorts.

jacket-Marc Jacobs,shirt-can't remember,cage skirt as a top-diy, dress-American Apparel,Tights-We love colors

I think this was my favorite outfit for the week because the tights are really cool. They are made by the same people who make the short Halloween costumes. I got them for Christmas. I think I want to get a proper petticoat because I want to have a big puffy skirt.

Dress-body central,Dorothy skirt(under),costume,tights-gift

Monday, January 5, 2009

dream a little a dream of me

Tee and leggings-gift,Jacket-Forever 21,Sweater H&M, skirt-myself

This morning i thought to myself what goes better with shiny leggings? The obvious answer is a blinding skirt. Some of my friends say that the skirt is a safety hazard because it leaves an afterimage.

Not much for today. My sewing machine broke and I have to wait until the weekend to get it fixed and if its not fixable I'm screwed.

I've been watching this all day.

I'm going to make my Q&A vlog soon so get those questions up. I really like making vlogsAnd if I don't have a topic I'll just ramble.