Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New York Part 1

Here's the start of my fashion week review. I'm starting with New York and going alphabetically by city.

Let's start with Alexander Wang

Generally, Alexander Wang doesn't thrill me but this season I was impressed. It was very sporty. I was a fan of the sheer front sweat shirt. It was collegiate-Wang with Sports bras and football shaped purses. But I'm in love with the quilted leather shorts.

Anna Sui is a master of prints. I love the way she mixes them. This collection was very sixties-so of course I liked it. It varied between a boy band-esque suit to little mod dresses. I loved the tights.And the mask as a headband.


I've never heard of him before but his looks are very fun and sparkly. My favorite look is the purple shirt with sparkly sleeves. Most looks had a full skirt. Benz showed a large range of styles from a Grecian style top and a marabou skirt.

Marc Jacobs
I go back and forth between liking and disliking this one. It has forties shapeswith 80s prints. I really like the plaid shirt striped shorts look. And I loved the jackets, Marc always does great jackets. The styling was great: little geek glasses and Minnie mouse bows/ears. And there was a pink and orange print I loved.
This is my favorite look from the show. I love the stripes, the pink and orange-ness,and asymmetrical sleeves.

My next post is my SPIRIT WEEK POST. Tomorrow I can't be Penny Lane but I will be someone possibly even better.


Nadine said...

I love Anna Sui... always one of my favourites :).

Clara said...

i love the Alexander Wang's colection.
great post.

yiqin; said...

A Wang can do no wrong in my book.

Amelia said...

Nice post! I definitely like your Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs picks :)

Anonymous said...

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