Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Accessories

In the summer I usually wear just a dress which is nice, but it does get a bit boring. It is the same thing I wear in the winter but I add tights so it feels interesting. I decided that my solution to my summer conundrum is ACCESSORIES.

Something on my head is my solution to any outfit often when I'm walking around I'll see something and wonder," That would look nice on my head," Thankfully I know people who put up with preoccupation on head wear.

  1. This green veil is lovely and it has BOWS, I love bows and the color green, Oh I wish I had $36.
  2. The headband combines my love for zippers and flowers in one place $5.80.

  3. Flowers are nice aren't they $68.00.

  4. I love this it reminds me of those butterfly hair clips but better. If this were a clip instead of a comb it would be mine (my short hair doesn't like combs) . $35

  5. Feathers Aah $20

  6. Possibly the easiest DIY ever but still nice none the less $9.99.

  1. BIG FLOWERS + teensy price = happiness $4.99

  2. I like this because its a big feather and very Marie Antoinette-ish $4.99.

  3. This is nice because the feathers go above your head $16.

  4. I think this one would look nice in my hair because white looks nice against brown, though I do feel like the model is trying to intimidate me $23.99.

  5. This is such a fun hat $44.99.

  6. I like beads it reminds me of friendship bracelets $13.99.

    Or maybe a fun bag could make an outfit better.

  1. Look its a school bus and it smiling, I like it when things smile at me $34.

  2. I almost bought one of these when I was in S.C. , because a Jimi Hendrix lunch box would be a great little bag. Currently $11.99 Two days left.

  3. It had stripes and they are red. $38

  4. Oh yeah This is great because its shaped like a heart and I made it. $35

  5. Flowers I like flowers. $58

  6. A picnic basket is another bag alternative and it has sunshine on it $100 about a month left .

  1. Its a pearl collar bidding ended.

  2. I like the swirly shapes and shiny ness.$25

  3. It reminds me of that Miu Miu collection from last year a bit. $15

  4. Its black and lacy i think it would give an interesting tan line. $108

  5. I saw a collar just like this I really wanted but I decided to spend my money on a bazillion vintage patterns Currently $3.00 four days left.

  1. I know a kid who carries around a pocket watch, maybe hes on to something $28.00 .

  2. Zippers in necklace form yay $40

  3. It looks like it would be soft. $50

  4. Hearts rainbows and a rhinestone What more do you need in a necklace? $12

  5. Its a record player, it give you an excuse to talk about your collection, They call these conversation pieces my friends. $10
  6. This may be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Its a yellow bird in a teacup do I really need to say anything else. $14.99

If anyone lives in Miami or the Keys in Florida any shopping and eating advice would be appreciated since I'm going there soon.


Nadine said...

I'm in love with the headbands :).

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

the school bus bag is SO CUTE!! haha and yay for pink ^^!!

Couture Carrie said...

Those lace collars are fantastic!


Susanna-Cole said...

Oh, all the headpieces/bands are beautiful! I have this flower wreath that I wear a lot in spring and summer, and sometimes in winter too, as it makes it suddenly feel like spring again! :D


Lady Stardust said...

i love those necklaces and collars

around here a trend has been going on about diadems with huge feathers or bows on them



Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

ah headwear is the way forward! i love it so much! i do need lots more though!!
and cute necklace! i heart them all.

The Clothes Horse said...

These are great accessories.
You know, I think Fashion Chalet lives in Florida...you might try e-mailing her directly for some tips.

Diary of a Young Designer said...

I'm head over heels on headbands. I design my own and wear them everywhere. And I'm also revamping my wardrobe with new accessories to give it some life and a fresh new look.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Sure, what part of Florida will you be staying in? :]

I can help with plenty of places to visit, shop & dine at!! :]


♥ fashion chalet said...

Try and stop by Lincoln Rd. (many boutiques & vintage there), Miami Beach has a Barneys (New York) Co Op, Bal Harbour shops and dining, and Sunset Place for the usuals; Urban Outfitters, Forever 21- movie theatres, Johnny Rockets, Virgin Megastore (I'm alwaysssss there!!) Have fun!


yiqin; said...

The feather headbands are so pretty!

Cafe Fashionista said...

That school bus bag from Fred Flare has been on my Wish List for more than two years - I'm not even kidding. LOVE that picnic basket. And your thoughts on headwear? Spot on! The whichgoose pieces are breathtaking - and I love anything with flowers! Fabulous! :)

Amelia said...

I've been getting into accessories a lot more lately, too. I would love to have a flower-y headband and a lace collar.

indigotangerine said...

those butterflies. need to land in my hair. right now. we'll have to see if i can diy something like that. I picked up some barrettes the other day, I may use this post as inspiration for bows and flower doo-das (yes, i did say doo-das)

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