Monday, April 6, 2009

Lets get Enchanted

The Enchanted Forest was located in Ellicot City it was stared by the Harrison family with their own money.The Enchanted Forest is the second oldest park on the East Coast.It was primarily target to little kids since it had a nursery rhyme theme, eventually it was sold and the parking lot was turned into a shopping center with a Safeway and a gazebo. It closed in 1989.However the king pointing towards the forest and castle gate still remain at the shopping plaza. In present day a society was set up to refurbish and relocate the rides and statues for future generations to enjoy. Most of it has been moved some still sits neglected behind a chain link fence.

The enchanted forest didn't have many rides but there was the

Teacup ride
Little Toot the boat in the background it would go around this giant pond

Cinderella carriage you would sit in rats and ride around the park.
Along with transporting you to another time and place it also provides much fashion inspiration.

So I sort of want to live in a blue house with multi colored shingles.

My new pink dress was just dying to be worn with orange (though I feel that way about everything pink). I think I'm in love with this hat sadly the school system will not feel this way. With the dress and hat I feel like some sort of Technicolor Edie Sedgwick.

dress and hat Vintage No.5, Tights We Love Colors, Glasses UO, Coat thrift, bag moi

For any reader do you know any fun places to go between Maryland and South Carolina?Please comment with your advice or email shoppaholic708 at gmail dot com


Ellie said...

Orange and Pink are pretty great together. Brightly coloured tights make me smile.

Cute park. Those statues are neat. Sitting in a rat - interesting.

Indie.Tea said...

The pictures of the rides are so cute! It seems like a lovely little place, like an Alice-in-Wonderland place really...

Dooder City said...

I really want to live in that park. hahaha, and grow old and a little nuts.

Flashes of Style said...

You coat is amazing!! this looks like lots of fun too :)

lynst25 said...

that amusement park is so cute!
well anyways- i don't know if you're into huge houses and gardens or anything but the biltmore estate in ashville, north carolina was like amazing.

Amelia said...

This looks like such fun. I love the teacup picture. Your outfit fits in perfectly!

Marian said...

you look adorable, loving you in these shots. Alice in wonderland has nothing on you Jess! what fun shots.
muah x

molly said...

i love how well your colourful outfit went the scenery! great pictures

neida said...

that place where you took those picture is hella cute!
your outfit is so nice,
hey check my blog please , i just started bloging

liana said...

you look great! super dooper coat.
the teacup ride is always fun :)


Eeli said...


How are ya? :O Gosh its been too long huh? hehe the teacup ride. Can you believe I was scared of witting in it when I was a littley lol.

Such a bright and funky outfit you're wearing. Love the leapord print jacket!

Belated kisses to ya :)

xx Eeli

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-It looks like you had a fantastic time and you look fabulous my dear!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh how I want to go there. The colors are so pretty. It reminds me so much of Alice in Wonderland. Can you take me with you next time?

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! this place looks FAB!!!
i would love to go there!! :)