Monday, March 30, 2009

Sprimg Summer 09

Hello Internet pals. Long time no see. I've been really busy lately. I've had rehearsals till five and homework. I'm kind of nervous about it I get to sing a song all by myself and all alone it on the stage.

I'm super excited for spring and summer so here's what I think will be great for me.

  • Floral Prints- Especially in that Luella collection, They're so bright and cute.
  • Pleated skirts- I want a pleated skirt. I want one in a fun color. I think they are awesome to swish around and spin in. And spinning and swishing really brightens my day.
  • Scallops- I want something scallopy I like them because they can look tough or delicate.
  • Military jackets- I wanted one for a while. Hopefully this season I'll be able to find a really cool one at a good price.
  • Petal skirts- Not skirts with flowers though I love those too. I want a skirt that looks like a flower.
  • Sheer- But in a cool non trashy way. and in a way that it is acceptable to leave the house in.
  • Layering- I like layering sheers with other things. Not only does this allow you to leave the house in an "appropriate" way but you can play with a dress without fear of accidentally showing someone your underwear and that's always good.
  • Nostalgia for times I've never lived in -this is hard to explain but I see it in my head.
  • Flappers- Feathers fringe dropwaists. Whats not to love? Isn't Louise Brooks cool. I think I'm getting my hair cut like her soon.
  • Marie Antoinette- She never wore the same dress twice. Fascinating. I'm feeling more of Sophia Coppola's interpretation of her. Volume,colors,feathers cake like and fragile.

So I'm going to be making a few things on my super cool new sewing machine (it was my birthday present but I got it 3 months early. I think this will explain the nostalgia bullet

  • Singing in the rain Flapper dress- It will combine two of my favorite things flappers and colors.
  • Sailor Shorts- I want white white dark buttons.
  • a coat - not for spring but I want to have it done by fall
  • A groupie dress-It's sheer with a cool psychedelic
  • something a scallop hem

Does anyone know how to do that thing where when you click on the pictures they get bigger?


Ellie said...

Love the flapper idea. What show are you doing?

Amelia said...

I'm sure you'll be great in the show. Ahh, I really want scallops, too.

To get photos that enlarge when you click, all you have to do is move the html code for the picture, rather than just dragging the picture in compose mode. It's already linked to another page when you upload it, but dragging it kills the link. I hope that helps.

Indie.Tea said...

Layering, sheer, pleats, and scallops..all beautiful spring ideas.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-yes, some fabulous trends featured here. I love layering and the scalloping is another fab trend too!

the yellow elephant said...

i love flower patterns, and marie antionette! xx

Marian said...

Love this post Jess honey. the scalloped edges are delightful!just to let you know my blog has had a change in name and link.I am now at for whenever you want to swing by.
muah x

molly said...

love your inspiration...cant see what you'll do with the warm spring weather :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I just have to say that this is the greatest blog post I have read all week. Love it!

Flashes of Style said...

Oh I love the pieces you chose! So girly and beautiful