Monday, February 16, 2009

Yesterday I woke up at 6:20 a.m.. Insanity probably but i had to go to a record show. When I by records I either buy one two or an insane amount.

I walked around the show and and everyone was charging about $15 a record and then I stumbled upon a treasure trove. saw the Beatles and Jim Morrison. There were no prices so I inquired. " Singles are $3 doubles are $5" Oh yes I thought I assembled myself a large stack.

I spent all of my left over Christmas money on:I haven't listened to half of them yet.
  1. Woodstock

  2. Woodstock 2

  3. Volunteers- Jefferson Airplane

  4. The Beatles 1962-66

  5. Magical Mystery tour -the Beatles

  6. Axis : Bold as love- Jimi Hendrix Experience ,(I really love this one my favorite is still Little wing the guitar sounds like falling stars.)

  7. The Doors

  8. Stage -David Bowie

  9. Big Hits (High Tide and Green grass) -The Rolling stones

  10. Lets Dance- David Bowie

  11. Lets Get it on - Marvin Gaye

  12. Sticky Fingers ( the one with the zipper) - Rolling Stones

  13. Meet the Beatles

  14. Donovan

All for a bit under $50

I was going to get Disraeli Gears by Cream because I thought it looked pretty but I didn't because I didn't think I would have enough money, but I so should have gotten it.

I wore this dress because it was so happy. And the Bright colors woke me up.

Today I went to paint pottery with my friend,I decided to go for a Luella-esque look. I put my silver leggings under my pink tights for added warmth and sparkle.

I also made a dress yesterday it''s really charming but I need to leave ti hang for 24 hours before I hem it to let the bias set that its the easiest sewing step. and my parents got me an ipod touch its so fun!


Amelia said...

Wow, that's an insane number of records. Lucky. I love the dress in the first outfit.

yiqin; said...

The first one is too amazing. The colors, the print! Fab!

Austere said...

All of those bright colors can definately make a body happy! hose records are so sweet. I'm seriously jealous right now.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-what great outfits, I love your use of colour, so vibrant and stylish!

Nadine said...

The first dress is amazing and I love the tights in the second one - they shine brighter then sunshine :).

Maya said...

oh my god, where do you find record shows? I have a record shop near my house but it's pricey. I love my record player so much and just want to feed it amazing music.

Dooder City said...

What finds! I can't believe they were all under 50 bucks. I love Axis: Bold as Love. So amazing. You have such amazing tunes coming your way!

molly said...

ahhh let's get it on is one of my fvourite albums of all time!
and im soooooo jealous about the parliament concert - take TONS of pictures and post ALL about it PLEASE!!