Monday, February 23, 2009

Make my funk the P.Funk I want my fun uncut

I saw George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic on Saturday. It was amazing. I was two rows back.And I wasn't behind a tall person so I was able to see!! They played some songs I didn't know and some I did. Before the show started the crowd started swing down sweet chariot I though that was really cool.the girl near me got her hand kissed by Sir nose on her smoke break.George Clinton is awesome, he is so filled with life its quite infectious. Then Sir Nose came out and he held up a towel that said Fuck George. I think Sir Nose is attractive,so there was some conflict because Sir Nose is bad because of the Pinocchio effect but then because of the sapiens it turns out he is funky so I guess there is no emotional conflict. Kendra Foster is amazing.
I left my mom in charge of pictures and video ( bad idea) I got a few blurry pictures,one or to that turned out well, and 30 second video clips, and the moments that I thought were great were not captured.
I would he liked good picture of George Clinton smiling and Sir nose.
My mom made me leave early because the drunken man behind me kept trying to touch my butt and that made her mad so we left during flashlight. I'm more upset about leaving the concert early than a drunken man touching me. My mom told me we only missed the end but I don't believe her so I'm silently mad.My mother also couldn't handle anymore than two hours of funk. I HATE YOU DRUNKEN MAN!
They are coming near me again Friday, it turns out I have a friend interested in the P.Funk, I realize I just saw them but I feel the need to see the whole thing. I would totally go if I had $40, but I don't.And I don't know anyone in the band who can get me in for free.

So It was a SUPER GREAT AWESOME CONCERT. I just wish I could have seen all of it.
Today I needed to wear my funkadelic shirt and a dress. I fell down the stairs Sunday and it hurts and its bruised. I'm going to the doctor tommow to figure out what it actually is so I can stop worrying about it.


molly said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so awesome, but that REALLY sucks that you had to leave early..... still, rad that you got a shirt and got to see them

kendra foster is pretty much my idol, soo wicked, best style and a great singer

i think that second picture is michael hampton - hes so amazing

yes the guy who plays sir nose right now is goodlooking and REALLY ripped

ahh you have another opportunity to go see them?? SO JEALOUS, ive been watching their tour dates but theyre not coming anywhere near me soon! rrrrr im so sad
anyway, GREAT report and try to post the video if you can!

Amelia said...

Sounds amazing! I love the shirt.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Sorry you hurt yourself and that you didn't see all the concert :-( Love your outfit, very cool!!

molly said...

ah well, two days in a row might be too much anyway!
im so glad you enjoyed it

Stacy said...

so awesome that you saw them.

Nadine said...

Love your shirt - what a cool print!

Dooder City said...

That sucks that you had to miss some of the show. At least you got to see some pfunk!
I love that bad.
AND you have the t-shirt to boot.
Feel better with your bruises:)

Laroux said...

funkadelic is my new favourite word! that shirt looks great on you - such a vibrant colour!


Yvonne said...

lol funny about the drunk guy. how very annoying!
i fell down the stairs once! thank god they were shag carpeted. my sister had thrown a small blanket over my head and spun me around a few times... then she was guiding me towards the basement staircase (tho i didn't know it). so ... i took a step .... and rolled/fell all the way down. it was hillarious. i cried.

lol and i love the book dress too!!!

yiqin; said...

Beautiful smile!!! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Your shirt is kind of fabulous. I absolutely love the color!

Connie Hsiu said...

oh wow, looks like a fun night!!

and ty sooo much for that comment of yours, my midterms...went ok...hahaha

i wish i could be more confident in saying so

Maya said...

I thought you may be interested in this (if you haven't seen it already)


Marian said...

how fabulous! Love George and the band!love funk! glad you had a ball minus the rude drunken man behind you!
fab t-shirt Jess!
muah x

Anonymous said...

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