Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today while I was thrifting two strange things happened: I bought overalls and I saw my English teacher I guess she like a good deal too.

I let my friend do my makeup at the park the other day,my mom doesn't like it very much.

I wore this to school the other day.This kid in English class wants to call me Minnie now and that's okay with me.

glasses- street vendor,dress -made by me,knee socks -forever 21 , shoes-target

I think I'm going to posting about every other day until I get school all situated.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day

Today was my first day at school.It started on a Tuesday for some reason.It went pretty well I know someone in all of my classes.But,I did get my foot slammed into a chair during AP euro and I got my first ever cavity filling.

In case your curious about the new photo setting its my room,its finally clean! Now I just need to organize it. I wore this today.
tee-mom,dress h&m,scarf-thrift,necklace-gift
I wore this yesterday to go grocery shopping.

shoes-target,shorts-old navy,necklace-gift,red sequin beret-urban outfitters

And a close-up because I'm in love with my bangs.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Somewhere there is a point in this post just be patient. Today is my last day of summer and I get to clean :(. I don't really feel like I did anything important. I'm not dreading school I'd just rather not have some parts,I like that I get see my friends but i don't like the people that make make fun of my clothes.

So last night I was talking to James and he was like what happened to your hair,if I knew you were gonna do that I would have done something insane(I tried to explain what bangs were to him a few days ago But he couldn't grasp it,so I gave up).He usually he calls when I'm tired so I either ramble or just let him talk and throw in some sarcasm, James s trying to change himself to get girls,and that got me thinking about aspects of myself that would be good to improve.


  1. Dress more adventurously.I'm not exactly sure how but I think I want to try layering skirts,that'd be fun.

  2. Sew more.I love sewing and it would be a good distraction from homework if I'm over whelmed and I'd get something pretty in the end.

  3. Wear heels more. I think I have a system so that the heels won't get dirty walking to school. I just need to test it out for speed.

  4. Pay attention to my hair.


  1. Ignore people who tease and make fun.

  2. Be more social

  3. Sleep

  4. Do homework before the due date

  5. Leave earlier for school so that I don't have to run to it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm back from New York, sadly I didn't get to go vintage shopping. i had a good time it might have been better if my step dad didn't keep saying"i hate it here.I'm never coming back."So this possibly no more NYC trips for me until I'm old/responsible enough to stay on my own or doing day trips. I also got a hair cut.I have bangs! I keep staring into reflective surfaces.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Egg dress

I whipped this up last night. I intended it to be a test run for a dress I'm making that's similar but the zipper part is going to be longer. I probably should have put some sort of lining in the top since its super thin,but I can only wear it to school with a shirt under it so its no big deal.

I don't think you can tell from the picture but it has green straps and a green zipper.The zipper doesn't really serve a purpose but I love zippers.

(side and back)
From the back it kinda looks like an egg but in a good way. When I belt it it looks vaguely Balenciaga-ish

I'm leaving tomorrow so be back Saturday!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bangs and tulle

This is going to be a super long post!
Yesterday I did something I never do. I called in a radio station who has mix in their name to request a song and the guy got snippy.
Me: Can you play white rabbit by Jefferson airplane
Guy: We only play current hits.
Me:Yes but mix implies that you play a mixture of everything.
Guy:I guess that's when an ipod would come in handy

Megan wanted to know how to do fake bangs so I thought I would make a video showing how to.


In case the video doesn't work:

Brush your hair back,take a section from the front and put it in front of your face so you look like cousin it and brush it. Then fold and snap on a headband or clip and voila bangs!

I wore this outfit yesterday for school supply shopping. I almost threw out this tank because I just like the tulle hang-y bopper. Then i realized I can throw the tulle bit over things. i have another one in pink.


  • Going to New York! I'm so excited. sadly though there is no hair for me. But if you want to post videos of it so I can live vicariously through you go ahead
  • My grandma! I saw her today and I see her again Wednesday before I leave.She has the best/strangest/craziest stories I've ever heard.
  • Bowling! I'm a terrible bowler (I came in second to last)but its all about the people your with.
  • Possibly meeting up with Emma from All In Your Innerspace for shopping.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Go ask Alice

I'm really loving White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. I think I've listened to this song 15 times today. I told my mom that Grace Slick tried to slip acid in Nixon's tea but she couldn't get into the white house. My mom didn't find this as amusing as I did.

Have you ever been to school in the summer? not summer school but there to drop something off? its really creepy there's no one there and its hot. It just feels strange. Yesterday I figured out how to create fake bangs I can post instructions if anyone wants them.So next time I cut my hair I'm definitely getting bangs. My mom said I looked like a schoolgirl or Leanne from project runway.
My shirt says:' I'm melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness?" but you can only see melting the rest is covered by my dress. dress and shoes thrift. shirt-Kohl's
I also signed up for AdSense but that isn't as exciting as bangs.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I read Edie: American Girl a few months ago. It was fantastic! They're were lots of pictures and I learned lots of fun facts.It was a great read. Today I decided to play dress-up. So I dressed up like Edie Sedgwick.This post is going to have ALLOT of black tights.
Edie was Betsey Johnson's first fitting model.She gave Edie lots of silver. Betsey Johnson also did the clothes in Ciao! Manhattan.
Edie and Andy hung out in the backroom of Max's Kansas City often. The lighting there was red,
This photo kind of hurts my eyes but I like it.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm going to New York in the near future. And I get to plan what the family is doing. Any ideas?

I want to go to the metropolitan museum of art because I didn't get to last time.I also really want to see HAIR but for some strange reason the parents aren't into the idea of standing in a line for a few hours getting tickets and watching hippies dance around.

So any shops/things to do would be hugely appreciated.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to school

I get to back to school shopping in October. And here is my wish list.

  1. Shorts. I need shorts to wear under dresses. It would be nice if they were fun because i jump around allot. And it would be fabulous if i found some without pockets. for some reason people are amused when I lift up my dress to get something out of my shorts pocket
  2. Some form of multi-strap shoe. I could probably D.I.Y. this with ribbon from the fabric store
  3. Something Miu Miu-esque
  4. Blazer/Jacket. The jacket I normally wear is the navy polo one that's starting to get holes in it or my Marc jacket.
  5. A shoe with a T-strap
  6. tees. Most of mine are stretched out or navy
  7. Romper. I think I know the solution to my romper problem: eBay I'll get a vintage romper pattern and whip one up.
  8. Some form of nerdy accessory
  9. Another black and white striped dress. Mine got put in the wash and mom says it is now a shirt
  10. An obnoxious coat
  11. Lame leggings
  12. Head wear maybe a leopard skin pill box hat
  13. Suspenders
  14. A tutu

I probably won't get all of these things. And I probably pick up more dresses and skirts I look around.

Friday, August 8, 2008

15 reasons why I love Lula

I got to go to D.C. yesterday so I went to Borders because the D.C borders has a better magazine selection than the one nearest me. I bought Lula it cost $15 but I am very happy with it. So I now present:

15 Reasons I love Lula ( in no particular order)

  1. It's British

  2. Not many ads

  3. Pretty pictures

  4. a photo shoot using a strange bear/lamb thing

  5. pretty clothes

  6. Fiest!

  7. not many words (i hardly ever read articles in certain magazines like vogue because they are usually about botox and what not.) but when they do write its good.

  8. Interviews with designers,artists,actors and musicians

  9. A girl in polka dotted tights

  10. It makes me want to throw a tea party

  11. they have cupcakes

  12. They use vintage clothing in their photos

  13. They like Zooey Deschanel

  14. They have nice paper

  15. It makes me feel happy when reading it

So spending the money was well spent and it will last longer than all those Strawberries and cream frappacinos I bought in 8Th grade.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Faux-seamed stockings

I lost Internet for a few days which sucked.
during my Internet-less period, I decorated socks.
Here they are before. I have a bazillion of these socks so if I messed up one pair it wouldn't be so catastrophic.
First I sewed buttons on the top. Then I had a long talk with myself about what else they needed. I tried more buttons but none of my buttons match well because I picked up two bags of the button mix at the craft fair for my science project.
Then I realized that by "more" my subconscious meant more shiny things.
( front back)
So I hot glued rhinestones to the sock. I did this while it was on my leg not my best idea. Then on the front I sewed on one big rhinestone. Then I hand sewed sequins on the think white band at the top. So when I turn the back to the back, I have a shiny faux-seamed stocking. I think this would also look good with black buttons as the "seam"
While I was working I saw three deer I tried to get a picture but two ran away. So I ran into some one's yard (they didn't have a fence so you couldn't really tell where her house ended and the forest started) and this little deer let me take his photo.