Monday, July 28, 2008

Mooka Kinney and the quest for the perfect romper

This post is jump around alot.

Sometimes I'm wary of a romper, but a few things changed my mind.

Every time during the school year when I get Nylon I throw it in my bookbag so I have something to do in math,science etc. when everyone is finishing their work. Sometimes the entire table looks over it at lunch. The comments about the clothes in there are very funny. We saw this article I really liked the jumper on the first page. Then I forgot about it.

Skipping ahead a few months later and I see Rilo Kiley in concert and I notice Jenny Lewis has on a supremely badass jumper (the photo below isn't from the concert I attended my concert photography skills are lacking,but its the same jumper). After that I realized a two things

  1. Jenny Lewis is amazing and a supremely good dresser

  2. I want a romper

    A few days ago I reread the issue and looked up the romper designer:Mooka Kinney ,and realized whoa this was the cool jumper on Jenny Lewis. I really wanted this jumper. Just my luck they no longer sell it and they've split. But, they have loads of other cute stuff.

They met when one of them rented a room from the other. They bonded over their love of Joanna Newsom and vintage shopping.

For there Spring '08 collection, They were inspired by the 1960's and Marianne Faithful.

They were inspired by vintage treasures.

the Jenny Lewis picture is from flikr

Here's the girls gone styled episode

Sunday, July 27, 2008

i ♥ Jake Ryan

Yesterday was SUPER SATURDAY, an event that I am usually extremely excited for. I go around school going guess what Saturday is every month and still my friends don't catch on. Super Saturday is when Goodwill's have clothes 50% off. I didn't attend.
I was told that the bookstore at the local mall was a Border's, I thought I'd go and get Lula as I didn't get it in d.c. It turned out it was a borders express. So I just got vogue and this strange issue of Harper's bazaar it was a rundown of the collections it was pretty cool. The dress makes me happy because its shiny and makes me feel like a tennis player.

(vest- rave,I ♥ Jake Ryan tee-commander salamander,dress-H&M)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fashion Potato

My mom made me clean a bit the other day and I found a PONCHO. Then i started playing with and I realized there are many ways to wear a poncho.

the ever popular how a poncho is supposed to be worn.

If you slip one arm out of the neck hole you get a cool one shoulder top.

If you wrap it around your neck twice you get a scarf.

When you put it around your waist it becomes a fringy skirt.

You can also wear it as a dress. You might want to put ribbon though it and turn it to a halter(it falls down super easy). I like wearing it sideways because it gives me something to play with.

If you have two and I do you can layer them. It makes me feel like a love child between a flapper and a hippie.

So the poncho is pretty much the fashion potato, meaning it can be used in many ways.
Sadly, there is no she and him concert for me :(

Monday, July 21, 2008

Gifting and thrifting

I got to go thrifting during the week. It was a very relaxing experience, compared to weekends where we go to five in one day. I got to pick up everything that appealed to me. I tried on the dress that I always want to but then realize its too old lady kindergarten teacher. I tried it on and sadly it is old lady kindergarten teacher. But I did get a few things. I realized they fell into a few categories: Embracing my inner child and embracing my inner funky grandma.

EMBRACING MY INNER CHILD: My goodwill always has a Erin Fetherson for target black mini skirt with hears quilted into it, its nice but its much to subtle you can barely see the hears. I was so excited when I found pants with hearts printed on them. I immediately turned them into a skirt.

( Kids floral dress,sunflower dress, kids pajama pants I turned into a skirt.)

EMBRACING MY INNER FUNKY GRANDMA: This reminds me of what my grandma would wear in her hay day. I found one photo of her in my moms box of photos. I love it but I don't remember where I put it.

( purple lace dress, shoes, floral dress to be turned into a romper)

I also had a party, one friend got me a hat. Two of my friends said we went to your favorite store and I was confused. They went to the thrift shop and got me a dress, shorts(they think I need more shorts for under my dresses) a bracelet,headbands and two necklaces. And my other friend got me a tee from art scape.

We made thing out of left over party utensils. My friend that got the me the cool shirt let me borrow her sunglasses with no tint(she got them in a furniture store of all places!). I also wore a sequined dress.

I made a hat that doesn't stay on. She made my new kitchen buddy.

Any ideas for kitchen buddy's name?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just call me Minnie

When my mom gets home she usually asks" what did you do today?" I normally reply " I woke up ate watched Keenan and Kel and listened to music." You are totally in awe of my totally awesome social life, right?.
But today was different. today I finished my dress. Its from a simplicity pattern

My mom was in my sewing area while i was working on it for sometime she was confused by the pattern instructions. Before I sewed the side seams, I had this irrational fear that my dress would look like a mumu. I'm glad to say my closet is still a mumu free zone. I was quite nervous about the sleeves but they were actually not that hard. Well this morning i put one on inside out but i fixed it.

I also made a matching belt. When you tie it up high it creates a more babydoll shape. I'm really satisfied with the dress. Now I can dress up like Minnie Mouse when ever I want!

I have another Minnie Mouse related project in the near future

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm just sitting on the shelf

I went to a carnival a few days go and this strange man came up to me and took a picture of my shoes. It was like he'd never seen a girl wear blue polka dotted socks with ruby red slippers before.
Anyway here's what I wore today. My stepdad told me that my shirt is suggestive.Okay blogger won't let me upload photos. Its a good thing I accidentally took a video.
Now you get to see how i normally take photos dancing around like a dork in the kitchen. The song in the background is why do you let me stay here by she and him. They are coming so close to me and i want to see them but i haven't found anyone to go with me.


Shirt-thrift,skirt- cut from a Dorothy costume, shorts old navy, shoes-century 21

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Tuesday was my birthday. I'm 15 but I don't feel any different.I got a sequined dress its surprisingly casual but the mom says I can only wear it to school with something over it. My mom and I also went to Kohl's and a certain jacket caught my eye. Instead of just showing you the jacket. I'm also including a slightly enhanced version the conversation about said jacket that took place between me and my mom.

The jacket in question.
Me: Ooh shiny.
Mom: No Jess.
Me: Ha ha a silver members only jacket. I kinda like it
Mom shakes head in disbelief,
Me: I think I'll try it on.
Mom: It actually doesn't look that bad.
Me: See. Shiny can be good.( the price tag appears to say $18)Only 18 bucks sign me up.
Mom: With 15% off that's 15 dollars
after wandering the store I stand in line with the jacket then i realize that the price is 68 but with discount its 42. I put the jacket back
Me : 68 dollars. Who does Kohl's think they are.
Mom: I don't know Jess
Me :Maybe if it was actually from the 80s I could understand $68 but fergie was selling this.
Mom: Calm down
me :Kohl's need to label their stickers better. its a jacket made in a sweatshop probably. That is not cool.
Mom: Lets go get some pancakes

I felt much better after the pancakes

Sunday, July 6, 2008

i'm back

I'm back from camp. My grandma took me shopping for my birthday. We went to the mall. I haven't went shopping in a mall for a long time. Sadly, I didn't find anything. I think it is because I'm too specific and I like the feeling of kismet when finding something at a thrift store. Does not being able to find anything in mall store happen to anyone else?
Anyway here's what I wore. It's a large departure from what I normally wear.

shirt-rave , belt-don't remember, watch-stepdad's, shorts-thrifted, bag-made by me

I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts. I'm also wearing my new favorite pair of shorts, i love them because of the big zipper.