Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spring and Orange Coats

So yesterday I opened up my Itunes and what did I see a new Spring Awakening CD yeah.Its live from the apple store and Johnny Gallagher is MC-ing I was flabbergasted (it means astounded I looked it up). It was great.

My faves:
from the New Ep

  • The Bitch of Living

  • Don't Do Sadness

  • Touch me (this one is really special)

From the Original Cd

  • Mama who bore me

  • Totally Fucked( I really can't think of an occasion where this song would be inappropriate)

  • Touch me

  • My Junk (this song helped me learn prepositions)

  • I believe (it sucked me in with the clapping)

and for something fashion related I neeed an orange coat like this one

but I can't find one anywhere maybe I'll just have to make one.


pinup_girl said...

Haha. You made me laugh with the flabbergasted thing. It's not often I see orange coats like that one either. If you made your own, it would probably be even better than anything you'd get at a store though. I say, go for it!

Anna Shapiro said...

Oooh a store near my house has a coat like that in like 5 colors, and i believe orange is one of them.

too bad you don't live here. haha

Stella said...

You can make that orange coat:).Good luck!

Danz said...

I'd definitely wear an orange coat! I got some strange looks when I wore a bright orange scarf around my waist the other day so I'm sure an orange coat would attract even more attention.

Sharon Rose said...

That orange coat is fabulous!!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

it is the best choise!

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh i love her in breakfast at tiffany.

molly said...

run-on sentences ftw!!!

Ida said...

I love the coat. Weird but it looks pastel pink on my display *lol*

Mary said...

UGH I can't do orange but I'm looking for a coat like that! I want a warm popped collar neck to tuck my hair under and look cute but NOOO.
Don't they know it gets cold fast in Camada?

Jenny H. said...

haha i like the color of that jacket.

and really? yeah idkk if im going to get a job. i still havent decided.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

you must get a coat like that! its brilliant! :)
in answer to your question about my biscuit necklace, i covered it in glue so it has not gone bad and bugs don't come near it. :D)

MR style said...

hahhaa that's funny !

sydneydoll said...

i get so excited when new songs from people i like come out.
it makes my day.

the Yellow Elephant said...

What a wonderful coat! I understad you, everybody needs a orange coat like that!

Kira Fashion said...

love this last coat!
so cool!