Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The other day when French ended my teacher wanted to talk to me. I was scared because I don't get in trouble. It turns out we had a nice conversation I guess

Her: You're very original, I've never seen anyone dress like you.

Me: Thank You.

Her: Where do you get your inspiration.

Me: I don't know.

Her: Oh(and she said something about Paris and British models I don't really remember. And i was trying to hurry up because I had to get to my next class.)

Me: I like to dress up.

Then I realized I do know where I get inspiration from.

Other Bloggers/and those people on street style sites.There are many more I like but I couldn't fit them.

Some people featured are:

Kingdom of Style

The Clothes Horse

Tavi of Style Rookie (if I were as cool as she is when I was 12 I could have taken over the world by now)

Cherry Blossom Girl (she makes me want to pay attention in French class)

The Wandering Alchemist

I'm not anti-social, just short sighted (she has the best 60s photos and I am a big fan of the 60s)

Aah I forgot style bubble
Flikr photos

1. hp_scanDS_77101733433, 2. Untitled, 3. Cory Kennedy, 4. Maria Antonieta - Kirsten Dunst, 5. Ashley Olsen for Marie Claire, 6. Audrey Hepburn, 7. Lula, 8. tea and toast, 9. a rug of records, 10. bee's wall, 11. Vogue Vintage, 12. John Gallagher, Jr. is Moritz in Spring Awakening, 13. YE-YE GIRL, 14. Rilo Kiley - 6/5/0815. Not available

So I know record carpet girl she is very cool and the photo in the next row was her wall she moved rooms and had to take it down.I don't really find Johnny Gallagher inspirational I just find him attractive

editorials. I have a little binder of magazine clippings and a box of whole pages.Maybe I will show them to you. I love photo decadent for looking at editorials from foreign magazines I'm too cheap to buy.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Cool inspirations and photos. :) I have a little sleeping mask too. So Audrey. I love it. xx

Thanks for your comment. (:

xo/ fashion chalet

Miss Karen said...

Aw thank you for the shout out my sweet! I find a lot of inspiration from bloggers too - all the individual styles are incredible!

Amelia said...

That's a good inspiration board. Those are definitely the sources of my inspiration, too. It's nice that your French teacher noticed how you dress...I guess.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i draw inspiration from people and things around me too. as for dating, when you start to date, you will know what to do and yes, guys should offer. it is up to the gal to agree or disagree for him to pay but he should at least offer.

Eelie said...

Oh lol. Fizzies are soda/pop/bubbly beverages? haha

What a compliment your teacher gave you and the chopice of people you choose for inspiration very well chosen :) Congrats on that compliment :)


very cool inspiration dear!great individual personal styles.
its interesting to see what peoples inspiration is.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

aw such a cool post. its so interesting what affects peoples style. :)

Susanna-Cole said...

That's nice that even your teacher commented on your orginial style! Most teachers I know are like oblvious haha.

Thanks for your comment, by the way!


Zoƫ said...

yay for inspiration!

molly said...

aww your teacher sounds very nice :)

Valentine said...

street style sites and eds (mostly lula or vogue paris) inspire me the most too.. ;-)


i knew it! you're like one of those people who wear their "hearts" all over their clothing.. :-)

Diana Coronado said...

I didn't know your blog

I'm searching for nice blogs & I like this one.

The Seeker said...

Great inspirations and what a nice compliment from your teacher, you should be proud.

Hummm.... more blogs for me to check.... I will if I get the time :(


sophia said...

Wow your teacher sounds pretty cool. I guess that's what I get for taking Spanish.
Your inspiration photos are...inspiring, especially those couple of blue empire waist dresses in the pictures from blogs. I need to find a dress like that.

Diana Coronado said...

Cool inspiration !!

Hugs !!