Friday, September 12, 2008

Good day

Today I decided it would be good day. I had steak for lunch,when I got home from school I took a nap and then I watched LAGERFELD CONFIDENTIAL! When you decide you are going to have a good day you have a good day.Here's what I wore today.

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor's :( but I did get to go to h&m they had a magazine and it was free. In the magazine and the store I saw tons of things I wanted an I coat I wished was orange. Before class my friend decided to count how many items of clothes I was wearing we stopped at 6.

  1. ramones tee
  2. blazer
  3. leopard skirt,that I need to fix(it got progressively skankier through the day as the slit was breaking you could start to see my
  4. shorts
  5. black skirt
  6. grey socks
  7. ruby red slippers

I was tagged by the Seeker and I'll do that either tomorrow or Monday-ish


Squishybubble said...

Supa cute! I love the Ramones tee! XDD

Sharon Rose said...

The ramones top is really cute!

The Seeker said...

Very nice and cute :)

Thank you my dear for your wishes about my health.
I'm much tiered, stressed and overwhelmed, so to prevent a breakdown I must slow a bit.
I think I'm not stopping blogging, I'm too addicted to it, but I would spend less time blogging, so visiting blogs will not be on a daily basis as I was doing.


the Yellow Elephant said...

love the black dress with white polka dots! your glasses at the profile picture are amazing, bu the way!

Savvy Mode SG said...

polka dot dress is cute. have a savvy weekend.

sydneydoll said...

i have a ramones tshirt
mine i black with pink writing
they are so cool
the ramones have the best photos.

coco said...

I still haven't watched the Lagerfeld film. I keep forgetting to buy it. Is it amazing?

sophia said...

I would love to find ruby red slippers somewhere, ever since my school did wizard of oz i have been on the hunt for the perfect pair.

Danz said...

I love the polka dot dress and those red slippers are darling!

molly said...

happy 101st post! i love when you decide to have a good day...always makes it happen!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

cute pictures, love the first one. great!

Eelie said...

Oh, you are such a cutie! A like how you've layered your last outfit. its funky and different and works!

yiqin; said...

I love the polka dot dress! You always have such adorable poses :)

Kira Fashion said...

so cool, love your rocker style!

a kiss!!!