Monday, August 25, 2008


Somewhere there is a point in this post just be patient. Today is my last day of summer and I get to clean :(. I don't really feel like I did anything important. I'm not dreading school I'd just rather not have some parts,I like that I get see my friends but i don't like the people that make make fun of my clothes.

So last night I was talking to James and he was like what happened to your hair,if I knew you were gonna do that I would have done something insane(I tried to explain what bangs were to him a few days ago But he couldn't grasp it,so I gave up).He usually he calls when I'm tired so I either ramble or just let him talk and throw in some sarcasm, James s trying to change himself to get girls,and that got me thinking about aspects of myself that would be good to improve.


  1. Dress more adventurously.I'm not exactly sure how but I think I want to try layering skirts,that'd be fun.

  2. Sew more.I love sewing and it would be a good distraction from homework if I'm over whelmed and I'd get something pretty in the end.

  3. Wear heels more. I think I have a system so that the heels won't get dirty walking to school. I just need to test it out for speed.

  4. Pay attention to my hair.


  1. Ignore people who tease and make fun.

  2. Be more social

  3. Sleep

  4. Do homework before the due date

  5. Leave earlier for school so that I don't have to run to it.


getting-freaky said...

much 'fun' at shool. Today was your fist day, how it was ?

CoutureCarrie said...

Excellent resolutions!!

Any day is a great day for a fresh start :)


Kira Fashion said...

really sweet smile below and I do love your hair!

a kiss!!

Jenny H. said...

ahh they sound like good goals!

let us know how they go :)