Tuesday, April 8, 2008

see the sunny skies

I dressed in blue and yellow today. I like those colors together I think the POP.
yellow sweater, Audrey Hepburn tee, thrifted blue skirt, silver socks, footless socks, yellow and blue belt, yellow shoes. I'm not sure if you can see in the pictures but my headband is a men's bow tie.

Now we have what i would like to call "lets help Jess figure out to wear to a dance". option 1 or the wendla dress. i like to wear this around the house while singing show tunes.
This is option 2 or thrifted dress. When i wear this in my house i feel like a British girl who lives in a cottage and has tea with her grandma every Thursday after noon

This is option 3 or graduation dress, I wore this to 8Th grade graduation. I might wear it during 50s week if students are allowed to participate. My school think having teachers dress in decades themed weeks will pump us up for test taking.

this is option 4 or homecoming dress. I wore this dress to homecoming and also on twin day. Sadly on homecoming I did not wear the cool pink glasses. The dress doesn't have the white polo attached so ignore that .

There's a poll in the side bar vote please or say it in a comment or both.
PS sorry for the awkward photo spacing I'm not sure how to fix that.


s. said...

cute outfit, i really like the blue and yellow together. and with your dress thing, the last one (polka dots) if my fave.

Shen-Shen said...

You have such adorable dresses :]

ChiliLady said...

you're one crazy girl, I love the Elle-Woods-shades (the pink glasses, lol)

The Clothes Horse said...

I like the creamy/white dresses.

Zoƫ said...

I love the yellow with the blue
I also love the cream dress!

Addison said...

loving the dress with the black bow at the front! a vote for that one!!!

ps. all u needed was a splash of red in todays outfit and you could have been snow white hehe

Stephanie said...

I love the blue and yellow combined! I think you should wear the first dress.

molly said...

you look like cory kennedy in the second picture!
oh believe me its a compliment