Monday, April 14, 2008

i would be a lucky girl if time stood on its head

sorry for being such a bad blogger, yesterday i picked out an mp3 player and i took over an hour but now I can watch johnny Gallagher and the rest of the spring awakening cast sing The Bitch Of Living whenever I want mp3 player plays videos ooh i love it. And Saturday I had my spring formal, I wore my Wendla dress because many people liked it and I had this insane fear that if I didn't wear it my mom would come in my room and take it back to the store.

Today many people talked about my style. the my friend's friends said I'm the only person she know who could pull off what I wear.And in drama club we were talking about pants problems i.e. too long too short, and said I don't wear pants and they said yeah be an individual or something.

And molly at the hip Ashcan Rantings told me I looked like Cory Kennedy in one of my pictures, she rocks, she's fly. I kinda want to travel back int time with her and become a hippy.


s. said...

those tights are so bright and fun!

Ross&Jenny said...

You should be proud. You have great style ( and great pink tights)

Squishybubble said...

I love your outfit...and your clothes!!!!