Monday, April 7, 2008

and i'll go back to black

I wore this today, my mom came home and said it was short and that she was surprised that I didn't get in trouble. I think the principals and teachers are amused by my outfits. My mom almost found my blog today. It was open and I said oh its someone Else's and she believed me. Did you know if you're under 17 you need a permission slip to see Rocky Horror.

I'm wearing: Black velvet dress - children's section from the goodwill
Pink tights - target
pink heart shaped sunglasses

This is my attempt at a detail shot of my dress that i forgot to include in the above photo. The dress is velvet with vertical stripes of a lighter black. I made the bracelet myself.
Song Du jour -
don't let me down - Idina Menzel
there's going to a poll coming up soon about a spring formal dress


The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, is your mother against you having a blog?
I think the outfit is cute. I'm 21 and I still get carded at the movies! Oh well...

Addison said...

why doesnt your mum want you to have a blog???
and pffft to principals & teachers; seriously look at what THEY wear hehe

molly said...

very cute outfit!
i understand about you not wanting your parents to know about your blog
i feel likewise!