Monday, March 17, 2008

jenny i've got your number 867 5309

So after over a month of putting of making my m&ms phone cool i finally did it but my phone jack doesn't work. SO should i keep it for display purposes or trash it . i added some feathers after this pick was taken and I'm not digging them so I'm going to take them off and possibly lay them out better

This is an outfit i wore a while ago I'm not sure if i posted it or not my sewing teacher saw it and asked why i was dressed up. she doesn't see me on days where i wear dresses
in other news i bought a scooter
What do u guys think should i keep the phone or trash it ?


babeygirl713 said...


end of story. cause its gangster. XD

Wendy said...

The skirt is so cute!

Stephanie said...

Love that skirt! I get asked why I'm dressed up all the time too. =]