Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've just seen a face

sorry for the lack of postage. I made my mom watch across the universe today she didn't like it. I love it i think its partially because of Jim Sturgress. my mom and I went shopping yesterday we went to value village I wanted the new kids on the block scarf but someone bought it all ready.

I got the Madonna fabric. A black and white dress ruby red slippers gingham shirt Micheal Jackson gloves and a new york belt.
Here's what I wore wendsay

Edie sedgwick skirt, Funny tube top as a skirt footless socks and dottie shoes.

Someone told me my socks were gangsta and if was Tuesday.

then someone else said I'm pretty sure its written down somewhere that you can't wear a shirt as skirt

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Wendy said...

Those socks are definitely not gangster, I quite like the look.