Wednesday, February 20, 2008

you may be a lover but yo ain't no dancer

On days I take gym class my outfits aren't interesting since I can't wear many peices becuase I am a very slow changer. I like to wear knee high socks nder my jeans. It allows me to make my uniform cool-ish and alloww me to be lazy. So gym days instead of outfit you will probaly see a picture of socks.

I went to the fabric store last night. I saw Maddona fabric. It was the coolest thing I've seen. but i didn't get it I think I might go back for it. i bought cupcake fabric, and green bubbles and a raindbow ribbon.

these are the linings green for the bubbles pink for the cupcakes. I also picked up so stange sequined things for 39 cents a yard for my hair or a braclet.


Poppycock Thoughts Blogger said...

Fun blog. You are linked! Dont forget to check out my blog when you can.

addicted said...

madonna fabric!! amaaaaazing!!

Wendy said...

The cupcake fabric is cute!