Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Whether polka dotted...

We made tissue covers in clothing class today. My fabric makes me think of a disco. It was pretty easy to do. I got a 29/30. The hardest part was threading te machine I had to get the girl next to me to help agan. Threading a machine is sometimes harder than sudoko. I thread it right but when you have to turn the handwheel to pull out the loop I never get a loop.
I saw A Raisin in the sun on ABC last might. I didn't like it. They strayed from the script. they added so much stuff like more than two characters who weren't even in theoringnal book. I thought it would end at 10 it didn't. Diddy wasn't a horrible actor though he was better than I thought he would be.THey made Asagai look like a stalker because beneatha hands him her number e looks at it rips it up and say' " iremeber what is important to me". They also cut one of my favourite scence where Walter and Beneatha do the Tribal dances. They alsodidn't say "faggoty white shoes" which doesn't bother me much but it always makes me crakc up because when i first read it in *th grade this kid paul read it so hilariuosly and I always think of that.
I really like the poem "a dream deffered " by langston hueghes, its at the beginging of the book.
More Adventurous - Rilo Kiley


MEGAN!! said...

hehe faggoty white shoes

your polka dotted tissue things are gangstaa..

i <3 them can you make me one?

Jen said...

the one on the right looks very like my purse.