Thursday, February 14, 2008

Outfits du jours

Two days ago Aj and I had a tea party this was my legwear. sparkly socks blue suede shoes black tights, grey dress. It wasnt practical when i walked her home so i changed into my rainboots.

Today was Valentine's day I wore this Skinny jeans grey shirt pink shirt red sweater. I was planning on wearning skirt but i didn't know if would still be icy and falling isn't fly.

If anyone knows to songs that are good to sing for an audtion let me know please.

song du jour - losing my religion-r.e.m.

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you know who said...

Cute outfits!

The new blog:

Wendy said...

The tea party outfit is really cute! I especially dig those blue suede shoes.

Megan said...

very cute jessie-kins.

i love how you said "and falling isnt fly" lol uhm i forgot what iwas goin to say though, uhmm oh im listening to seven nation army, im like in lvoe with it noww :]]