Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Outfit du jour

This is what i wore about two days ago to go to Filene's basement.

Gray dress
silver belt
Marc jacobs jacket
This is what it looks like without the jacket. i love my jacket the first time I wore it to school I kept on petting it. I also love my dress. in this pic I'm wearing my footless socks.
I was going to wear it with this jacket but, my mom gave me the face she gives me when i say, " I'm going to be an actress,".
at filenes i bought Leaopard print golashes or rainboots and shiny socks.
Anyone else but you - the moldy peaches
p.s. i'm sorry if my spelling is shitty my spell check isn't working

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Meggy Boo said...

haha i know that look taht she gives u lol