Sunday, February 24, 2008

I want you

These beauties are the high waisted pants fom the goodwill i just purchased. I think If you click the pictures the get bigger and you might be able to see that the belt has a bow, that's secretly the reason I bought it. I like bows. i'll probally wear this with a shirt that's too short or no longer funny.My mom thinks i'll get picked on or beat up. My new bud christine, the goodwill worker, thinks its cute and very mild compared to what i wore to the store.

Now i've kept you in suspense and you're thinking to yourself what did she wear to the store. white polo dottie dress purple tights. do you like the shot in nature I thought i needed a change.

My pants were a buck 33 it was great.

Song Du Jour :
Hardest button to Button - The white stripes


megan said...

you wore that outfit to the mall with me, and i was glad to be seen with you :]

i actually wanted that lol

i think the high waisted jeans are gangsta, just not on me im too short lol

Occy+Lashes said...

yeah when I said jumble, I meant jumble! Inspiration can come from the weirdest of places...
thank you for your comment, I like these trousers, the bow is quite superb. I would suggest plain white teeshirt tucked in, insanely high ankle/shoe boots and a good necklace!
Occy :)

Stephanie said...

Love those pants, are they Erin Fetherston for Target? I tried on a similar pair but they were super unflattering to my ass...