Monday, February 18, 2008

all want is you

I made a polyvore set of my wishlist

  • sequined dress
  • John Lenon glasses
  • suspenders
  • high waisted jeans
  • that diasy duck shirt but its sold out grr
  • hot pink turban
  • dresses
  • sequineed shorts
  • silver skirt
  • ruby red slippers I have a pair but they're pretty whorish for school I'm going to try to make my own the last time i tried there was glitter eeverywhere for months
  • yellow flats
  • silver oxfords
  • heart shaped bag
  • silver leggings

I went to sterling and Vienna yesterday and urchased a silver jumper and a shirt with a bow on it. The jumper's slightly large but it's not swallowing me in a sea of fabric. then I hung out with my grandma because that's how badass I am and saw a silver sequined vest for 20 in my size I didnt buy becuase the grandma thought it would only work for parties and I don't get invited to many parties, the last one i went to was a cast party.

I wore a shirt as a skirt.

song: I Stand - Idina Menzel


babeygirl713 said...

cool you hung out with your grandma..

now thats badass lol

(ps. im coping your idea :])

Wendy said...

I love that silver skirt in the collage!