Friday, January 25, 2008

You say life is a dream

I went to the home depot and the grocery store today. I wore this :

Hat - KMart
Vest - i can't remember
I ♥ Jake Ryan tee - Commander Salamander
SKinny jeans - Marshalls
High heeled lofar ish shoes - target

Now Heres my guide to wearing the same color all over with out looking like a fruit.

Red and green
I recommend:
  • Mixing different shades or values
  • different textures

I was going to put a little photoshoot shot and modleed by me here but I can't find the right hieght to put my camera so i can use the selftimer.

Life is a Song - Patrick Park


Stephanie said...

I hope you won't take offense to this, but I'd prefer not to link up at the moment - I'm being a bit choosy about the blogs I link and although yours is enjoyable, it's mostly made up of Polyvored outfits and not too much writing. I'll definitely keep reading and commenting though, and perhaps I'll link in the future? Sorry!

Wendy said...

Cute outfit, my favorite aspect is the plaid vest.

Great post!