Friday, January 25, 2008

I won an oscar

I won an oscar in english class for being Ruth in A Raisin In The Sun and I have a feeling i'm the only person that likes that play.

Yes My oscar is a dark chocolate bar my friend tried to steal it but i'm getting it framed.

I've already written my Tony/Oscar acceptance speech I realy need a life and more reliable friends.

If my oscar was real I would wear this

The pink dress can you believe theres no picure of it.

Now if i were to go to the tony's i would wear this. It's amazing. When i learn to use the sewing machine well I'm going to make something like it .


Wendy said...

Haha, lame friend!

meggy boo said...

sa-weet! my bestie won an oscar![[i know you wont forget me wen ur famous, cuz u'll make shuree im famous too]] fames comin right around the corner jessie! we'll be celebs in mintues!