Friday, January 4, 2008

I have this friend and she takes the most amazing photos and i look at them and say to myself,"dammit Jess how come u can't take such brilliance?" OK I'm being slightly over dram tic but they are fly, tres fly even. her photos make me want to buy things and i would post some but i don't know if she would want me to so i won't and and she has amazing musical taste.
she makes me want to have or do

  1. one of those fish eye cameras not the ones that are have one pic then flip it but the other one or since I'm a cheap girl cut my pictures into circles
  2. white lipstick
  3. a record player
  4. records (like ramones,and David bowie and the one with the Andy Warhol banana on it think its the Velvet underground and interesting looking ones) i guess its times to go to grandma's house and look on the 3rd floor or goodwill or both
  5. a red pink black and white striped jacket hers is quite Delicious like a candy cane
  6. wear knee sock over tights and possibly a contrasting color short the shorts would probably be a more spring thing but hers a sweat shorts and I'm very anti sweat pants I'm not sure about my sweat short stance though
  7. those socks aren't really and accurate depiction, her's are more like the tube socks form American apparel but 21 a little much for me in three pairs of sock actually its seven bucks each

Music Time

Our Life is Not A Movie Or Maybe- Okkervil River

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