Monday, January 14, 2008

I almost made my firends go blind today

I wore this outfit today.
Micheal Kors Sweater from Marshall's
Ramones Shirt from Smash! in dc
Skort limited too!
Tights from Smash!
Shoes Payless

The other day someone told me i look like the female version of Urkele i laughed because i think Urkele is pretty fly.

Natural's Not In It - Gang Of Four


Flora said...

I'm a big fan of oddly coloured tights. I have wine red ones, and I can't live without them!

Cute outfit overall :)

Wendy said...

Cool outfit! I like how the staples won't normally go together, yet you matched them so well.

I'd love to exchange links.

Heather said...

Michael Kors at Marshalls? What a lucky find!