Saturday, January 26, 2008

Borderline feels like going to lose my mind

So in 7th grade french class with our strange teacher that played with dolls, sang the weebles theme song, barked at dogs and many other strange things that I could go on and on about, but i won't. So our teacher made us do a project about the influence of France or French people and America. I choose fashion. The designers were Dior, Givenchy, Yves St Laurent and Jean Paul Gaultier. So here's my 9th grade self talking to the 7t grade me. Right now I'm just going to do the ones that I saved for the French project if people like this I could do more.

7th grade me: Look colors argyle stripes hat oh I'm in love.
9th grade me : I like the colors and print of the dress its quite nice but the tights aren't tres fly.I had a serious argyle thing at age 12 mostly it was in the form of argyle socks since that was all the argyle RP would let me have in my uniform navy and khaki ugh!

7: look at all the colors and bracelets and hat look at the hat.

9: It fruit loop box exploded and not in a good way.I like the colors not all together. I pretty much love the hat.

7: I like the fun sock/boot/legwarmers contraption.
9: I love the skirt with the rainbow belt. I think the hat is tres tres fly. But I'm not that keen on the Muppet legwarmers but i like the light pink dark pink combination.
7: the color is what really sucked me in on those.

Well there' more at a later time to keep up the suspense. And wen i run out of stuff i could probably do stuff I like now. So are you guys digging me talking to my slightly younger self in different colors. in case you didn't catch on the blue was 7th grade me and purple was ninth grade/current me.

Lollipop- Mika

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Wendy said...

The hats are really cool. And Mika is amazing!