Friday, January 4, 2008


I used to dance class ballet tap and jazz and now I don't. I just dance in random places and outside when its cold.

Ballet style is simple in a way.

There is one cardinal rule one should follow when achieving this route :

Too much tulle can make you look like a tool.

See what I did there "tulle" and "tool" haha haha.

I reccomend:

Tres Helpful links

Ballerina Gallery look here for outfit inspiration

ps. blogger told me i spell haha wrong


Charming Heart said...

The ballerina look is so pretty and feminine. I used to take ballet, too, when I was really little, but I was not the most glamerous ballerina. More like a toolish over-abundance of tulle (haha i liked your little pun so I used it myself) and clown make-up for recitals. I will try and replicate this look now, though.
And I would love to trade links with you. I hope I can figure out how. Haha.

Charming Heart said...

you can add a link by going to customize in the top part of your blog page, right next to where it says new post. and then click add page element and find link list and click add to blog. then all you have to do is put a link to me: and enter my nickname Charming Heart and save your changes.
hope i helped

Wendy said...

I like this look, its so romantic. I want that silver tutu you pictured.

Anonymous said...

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