Monday, December 24, 2007

6 Ways to wear these (or any other leggings)

Start with leggings these are from American Apparel.

Go to your local goodwill, salvation army or other cheap thrift store. Find a pair or two of jeans and buy them. Then take Scissors and a razor and put some holes into them. Then put the legging under the jeans cool huh?

This look is quite 80s and inspired by Madonna's like a virgin video the part where she on a boat not the one where shes in the wedding dress. So to do this you need either a black dress or black tank top and skirt. Cut two oval shapes in the tank top throw on the leggings skirt and maybe an absurd amount of necklaces.

4 other ways
  • with a skirt
  • with the funny little skirt suspender contraption
  • as pants
  • under a dress

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